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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The sun shone a little brighter today

September 11 - 11 years ago today, the world changed when two planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York.  Killing innocent human beings, devastating people's lives, destroying hope.

My sister was due to be in those buildings on that day 11 years ago, but due to being heavily pregnant with my nephew, she wasn't allowed to fly.  Someone was definitely looking out for her on this day.

So, when I received the letter in the mail saying that our youngest little man was due to have his grommets inserted on the 11th of September - today, I was met with a little hesitation.  Would everything be smooth sailing for what is known as a minor operation?  Or would there be a hiccup, just because it was September 11?  This was also his first operation, and being so little, I felt a pang of hurt in my stomach.  He was very upset from the moment we walked into the hospital - it could have been due to the factor that I had to drag him out of bed at 5:30am just to get there on time, on an empty tummy, hiding his bottle and food from him.  The poor little guy was so hungry and did not enjoy having his name tags and gown put on.  He even tried to rip off the sterile hat and gown that they put on mummy.  When it came time for him to lay on me and have the gas mask put on him, it took three people plus me to hold his limbs down. He was absolutely hysterical and I had to be so strong and hold back the tears as he fought so hard to fight the sleepiness. Then it took control of him and they took him from me and laid him on the operating table.  The poor little guy looked so lifeless and helpless, I said "see you soon little man" and then it was time for me to go.
The hospital was brilliant, I think when you are working with kids, you really do have to go the extra mile.  The surgeon rang me as soon as the operation was over, just to tell me he was ok and they would page me when he was ready for me in recovery.  That was 10 minutes later as the little guy was hysterical once again and the whole of the recovery room could hear him.  Once he was on me, he started to calm..........but then it all started up again when he had to go back in the cot up to his ward.  As soon as we got to the children's ward, he crashed out on me and slept for about 1 & 1/2 hours.  He was sedate for most of the afternoon until we got home and he saw his brother and away they went together.
Fingers crossed these little tubes will help ease ear infections and the pain and suffering that goes along with them.  There has been a lot of sleepless nights, doctors and antibiotic bills.  As I cuddled my little munchkin into bed tonight, I realised that September 11, 2012 bought good news and hope.

There was another reason I was dreading today - my mum was getting her latest ct and bone scan results. The bone scans came back clear of cancer, the ct scans showed that she still has pesky marks on her right lung and near her heart.  They were hoping that these may have been due to when she had pneumonia, but they have not cleared, so they may mean something else.  After a short delay, she is now starting chemo next week - and we are all hoping that these "marks" are hit with the chemo.  She is prepared, has a new cropped hair do in readiness for losing her hair in the coming weeks.  Today she looked radiant and I told her that her new hair style suited her.  It's a shame she is going to lose it, but with new hair growth comes hope - and she is going shopping for a wig this week too!!
What a journey we have been on with week the journey takes us on a different chapter with new challenges to face.  For her, September 11, 2012 also has bought hope for a healthier future.

I hope that the sun shone a little brighter for you all today.