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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A hoppin' Easter time

This year I decided it was time to decorate the house with a little Easter theme.  The boys are getting older and I thought it was time to get into the magic of Easter.

Chickens sat perched on our tea light holder
Rabbits, nests and finger puppets brightened up our buffet
The boys had colourful little Easter egg collection baskets
The little chicks had a home
Coopers favourite was the purple bunny
How cute are those finger puppets?
The blue and wooden bunnies were chosen by Cooper from Bed Bath n' Table
Colourful bunting highlighted Charlie's room
Cute little metal bunnies were pinned onto the bunting
 Cute wooden eggs and felt chickens
 Chickens that Cooper chose
Cute blue and white wooden eggs

Wow, Easter Bunny paid our home a visit
Ferdinand the train joined Coopers train collection
Charley bear flannelette pj's to keep Charlie warm on those Chilly Melbourne nights
Cousins Flynn, Elise and Zarah had their own delivery from Easter bunny
Charlie's excitement of finding some eggs (bit bleary eyed!)
Cousins happily playing
I love how each was doing their own thing
Happy times
Yeah for Z who is almost walking solo
Trains always unite boys
Cousins having a snuggle
So cosy
Coops on the run
Happy on the beach
Run, run, run
Charlie all relaxed
Our happy family

I hope that you had a beautiful Easter, shared with family, friends and eating a chocolate Easter Egg or two!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh I love Easter! And it looks like you well and truly captured the magic of it this year with your beautiful boys. The decorations look lovely. I bet the boys had a ball... I know mine did on Easter morning.
    Fun, gorgeous photos Buffy, I especially like that last one of the fam, so nice! xo