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Friday, May 20, 2011

The push up challenge

So, Will has given me something to get me motivated- not a gift, no new diamond ring or car- a challenge!
It's the push up challenge. One push up on the first day, two on the second etc till I get to doing 100 push ups on the 100th day! And they must be full push ups, none of the lady on your knee's kind! That's a whole lot of push ups, and some extremely sore arms. But god damn it, I should be ripped in time for Summer.
Who else wants to join me on the push up challenge?
Come on!!!


  1. How are the pushups going? I used to be able to do 100, about 3 years ago, can do about 20 now, if I try, would rather ride a horse! LOL

  2. They are going well- up to 27 now. It's amazing how hard this challenge started out, I definitely feel a little more upper body strength!