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Saturday, April 21, 2012

In sickness and in health

This week my smallest man has been sick, I know - AGAIN! This poor guy just can't catch a break, he recovers, is good for a few weeks and then BAM, it hits him again.  He has had 9 ear infections in 6 months, that's a lot of sleepless nights, antibiotics and tears.  This time he has acute tonsillitis - soaring temperatures for days. Nights where all as he wanted was mummy to hold and comfort him while he tried to sleep. Me propped up against pillows, dozing, surviving on minimal sleep. Doing everything I could just so he could sleep and recover. Hot, dripping with sweat, this miserable bubba was fighting something. A doctor's visit which revealed a red throat, but not enough for them to classify it as tonsillitis, a urine sample was taken and the doctor said that whatever he was fighting would probably reveal itself in 24 hours.
It certainly did - another sleepless night, constant high temps - and me making a visit to the hospital with an inquisitive three year old in tow. An incompetent doctor "asking" a 17 month old to open their mouth and stick out their tongue - his sick, his 17 months old, use your brain doctor!! After a second opinion, it was revealed that he had acute tonsillitis and inflamed ears and needed penicillin NOW!
I learnt a lot from that hospital visit, mothers really do know their child better than anyone else.
Oh and Cooper, you definitely lifted our spirits with your questions and belief that you now wanted to be a doctor, and your sweet talking to the nurse to score some tasty biscuits!
And now the fog is lifting, after 48 hours of penicillin, my cheeky little man is back in pretty much full flight.  Please let this be our last moments of sickness for a while - it's tough when the little one's get sick, even tougher when it happens when the husband is away on his yearly boys trip!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A hoppin' Easter time

This year I decided it was time to decorate the house with a little Easter theme.  The boys are getting older and I thought it was time to get into the magic of Easter.

Chickens sat perched on our tea light holder
Rabbits, nests and finger puppets brightened up our buffet
The boys had colourful little Easter egg collection baskets
The little chicks had a home
Coopers favourite was the purple bunny
How cute are those finger puppets?
The blue and wooden bunnies were chosen by Cooper from Bed Bath n' Table
Colourful bunting highlighted Charlie's room
Cute little metal bunnies were pinned onto the bunting
 Cute wooden eggs and felt chickens
 Chickens that Cooper chose
Cute blue and white wooden eggs

Wow, Easter Bunny paid our home a visit
Ferdinand the train joined Coopers train collection
Charley bear flannelette pj's to keep Charlie warm on those Chilly Melbourne nights
Cousins Flynn, Elise and Zarah had their own delivery from Easter bunny
Charlie's excitement of finding some eggs (bit bleary eyed!)
Cousins happily playing
I love how each was doing their own thing
Happy times
Yeah for Z who is almost walking solo
Trains always unite boys
Cousins having a snuggle
So cosy
Coops on the run
Happy on the beach
Run, run, run
Charlie all relaxed
Our happy family

I hope that you had a beautiful Easter, shared with family, friends and eating a chocolate Easter Egg or two!