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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Then you were two

Wow - Today Charlie you are TWO!
Two years ago you came into our world after a speedy 3.5 hour labour.
Two years ago you made our beautiful family complete.
Two years ago you started to form a special bond with your big brother.

You are independant, headstrong and stubborn
With a great love for the outdoors, your brother and Neo
You are a go getter and will give anything a try
You have a cheeky personality and are inquisitive
You have a great love for animals and food
You are learning more words each and every day
You try to entertain and make people laugh (or cry!)

I see so much of me in you
The love you have for your family and home
The strength you have when you fall to get up and keep going
Your determination to succeed from a small age

I am so proud of you my Charlie Chops
Grateful to have you in my life and a part of our special family
You bring so much laughter and joy
Please don't ever change, you are our unique little man

Happy 2nd Birthday gorgeous boy
Our tiny son is growing up

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