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Sunday, November 4, 2012

One week............feels like an eternity

This past week has been a week full of extreme sickness for me and my loved one's. One of those weeks when you feel "why me", "when will this end", surely luck will come our way soon!
Then you get that small window to sit, think and try and recover.  Also realise, that "hey, this will pass and is it really that bad?".  Oh yes, it has been really that bad, but with each minute and hour that passes, we will get better.
It started off last Monday with mum being hospitalised with yet another infection. What should have been a few days in hospital, has turned out with her being on oxygen for 4 days and having antibiotics being pumped into her, along with two blood transfusions. Hopefully she is home before the Melbourne Cup kicks off tomorrow!  Cancer and its treatment is not an easy road.
This is mum when she was really sick. It's nice to know she is now up and about trying to run the hospital again!
This is the face of courage.

Amongst the sickness we had wild winds last week, which managed to cause our umbrella to fly down the back yard and it now has a tiny hole in it.  Plus a heavy pot fell off the deck and crushed one of my favourite plants.

Can't wait to get our pebbles for our fire pit area - to go where the dead grass is!

So, it comes in three's right? Only one more thing to go wrong?
Oh I wish!
Then Friday came around, it was 2pm and a friend and her little girl had just arrived for a cuppa.  Charlie does a little vomit, nothing to be concerned about (I didn't think!).  Then we are sitting chatting away and Sally says " He is vomiting again".  This was no tiny vomit, this was one to worry about.  It was like cottage cheese, all over me, him, the floor, Millie's shoes and foot! Second change of clothes for him, first for me.  After that, it was all over, I knew Gastro had hit the home. He continued to vomit until 9:30 that night, and left behind a trail of destruction of about three washing loads.  I was praying that the rest of us would not get it.  All was going well until 2am on Sunday morning, then it was my turn. I ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor under a towel, I had no energy to move backwards and forwards from bed to the toilet. Then all of Sunday was spent in bed.  Not a nice way to lose a couple of kilos. 

This Gastro story now continues, at 2am this morning, Cooper came into our room and said he felt sick - oh no, please no, I've had enough of vomit in this house.  He went off to sleep in our bed and I went and slept in the spare bed.  I had no energy and was still trying to recover from my bout.  I thought he was ok, until the morning when Will came and woke me and said "you need to take over, I need some sleep".  It has hit Coops and the poor little fella is still going.
"Look at my yucky mouth mum"
(his ribs don't stick out like that either, he was just breathing in)
So, I've been at the in laws doing another three loads of washing today. Oh, that's right, our washing machine stopped working on Friday too, so I've had to cart all the vomit washing to my in laws to clean.  Great timing hey?!
At least I got some cheering up today.  My mother in law picked up my shoes that I wanted and also some cute little flowers to decorate our home.

I am praying that this week is going to be a brighter one, that healthy bodies will return to us all and we can enjoy some ice creams.

How was your week? I hope it was a lot "brighter" than mine!

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  1. Oh Buffy, talk about a run of bad luck. Gastro is the worst, sorry you've been dealing with that, on top of your poor Mum's worries. Hope full health is on your side from now on. Good on you for looking on the bright side, when in the midst of all that.
    And why do washing machines always choose the most inopportune moments to conk out on us!?