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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tram Scroll

And here it is, my little tram scroll that I created for our home.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Wow, I'm starting to feel like me........

the importance of good health

It's been a while, maybe a month, but today I woke up and finally felt like me.  The past month has been really tough, I have felt dizzy, bouts of blurred vision, completely off, tired - scrap that EXHAUSTED!
I've managed to push through each day, you have to when you have two little boys to look after and a household to keep in order.
Last week was a really tiring week.  I went to the doctors on Monday - I finally realised that there had to be something wrong with me, I just was not getting better.  I had to fast from Tuesday night until I had my blood test on Wednesday morning, I was being tested for everything.  Thursday morning I had a meeting for an opportunity, more to be posted on that in weeks to come.  Then I had lunch with a couple of girlfriends, in which our little babies kept us on our toes! Whilst there, I got a phone call from creche to say that Coops had fallen off the slide and hurt his arm.  They thought he was ok, but he wasn't quite his happy self.  So, I quickly devoured some tasty cheese cake - you can't leave without dessert!!!  When I got to creche, he was running around outside, but his left arm was dangling down.  As soon as he saw me, he ran over crying and saying mummy ouch and holding out his arm.  It broke my heart.  I felt his wrist and he cried and said ouch again.  So, I decided to take him to the hospital to get checked out.
I was lucky that the wait wasn't too long - maybe they felt sorry for me, waiting with a toddler and a baby.  The doctor examined him and he too thought nothing was wrong as Coops was pretty spritely and only said ouch and had the odd tear every now and then.  He decided to do an x-ray just to rule it all out.   Whilst Coops was sitting on my knee having the x-ray done, the only thing he was worried about was "baby Charwie"!  Once the doctor got the results, he came back laughing - Coops had in fact cracked a bone in his wrist.  The doctor could not believe that he was fairly happy, considering the pain he must have been in.  It was time for him to get a half plaster cast on for a couple of weeks.  They recruited a nurse to rock Charlie to sleep whilst I held onto Coops while he was getting his plaster on.  Our community is beautiful, a stranger then took over looking after Charlie until we went home.  Old ladies love babies!
I was almost moved to tears when Will rocked up in his Police uniform and Coops ran over to him crying and saying "ouch Daddy, ouch". I think everyone in emergency almost shed a tear.  To see this poor little boy all upset, arm in plaster, run up to his big strong daddy in his police uniform. My heart was breaking as I withheld the tears.  Some things in life really move you.
Then for the next few nights, Charlie was teething badly - lack of sleep with the way I was feeling, made me feel like a zombie.
Saturday night was my sister in laws Hens night - it was just over an hour away and I would have had to have driven up and back in the one night as Will was on a day shift the next day.  I woke up Saturday morning and had no energy, I felt terrible, my whole mind was foggy and dizzy.  All day I was hoping I would be able to make the drive.  I would be good for 10 minutes and think "yes, I am going", then I would feel horrible again and knew I wouldn't be able to make it.  I had to pull out, I feel like the worst sister in law (and Bridesmaid) around!  This is not an event that I wanted to miss, but I knew that it was far too dangerous for me to try and make the drive. I had an early night and luckily none of the kids stirred that night either.  Yesterday I went and got some liquid iron, I have now had two doses of that and feel a lot more revitalised.  Today I actually went for a walk and felt good the whole time - its been weeks since I have felt like that.  I had energy to cook, clean and play with my kids all day - and let me tell you, it is the best day that I have had with them in a while.  I also found out from the doctor that there is an issue with my Vitamin D levels, so I have an appointment in the morning to discuss it further with him.
Finally, I am starting to feel like the old positive me, welcome back Buffy!
To my friends, I am so sorry that I haven't been in contact as much, just want you to know that I have been thinking of you, just haven't been able to do much at all.
And to my sister in law B - I hope that you still love me, even though I could not be a part of your special night (and get to see that sexy visitor that made an appearance!!)  I can't wait till your magical day in just under a month, and to be a part of your new beginning as a wife xx
Ahh, here's to a beautiful week, sunshine and good health!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blood tests, love them or loathe them?


I detest anything to do with needles, I fear them, almost pass out just at the thought of them.
Today I had to have a blood test.  Over the past month I have been feeling very tired, have an odd pressure kind of feeling in my head (not sinus pressure), and on certain occasions have had blurred vision (once I had to pull over and stop driving) and have also felt faint.

I had to fast from 10pm last night, which isn't that hard to do. However, I love to have my breakfast as soon as I get up - so this morning was a struggle.  As it was, I woke feeling extremely lethargic and faint - to hold off on eating was a tough gig!

I let the nurse know that I have fainted in the past while having tests. Also, in my current condition, I was sure I would pass out.  My veins are a nurses worst nightmare, they are tiny and they always have to use the smallest needle.  I could never be a junkie, my veins would let me down!

As the needle entered, it felt as though some of my life was being sucked out of me - I felt faint, and thought "oh no, here we go".  I managed to stay upright in the chair though and just waited a little while after the test was completed.  Three vials later, I was out of there and on my way home to a big bowl of tasty muesli.

It took me all day to recover from it, I was pale, cold (even in this warm, sunny weather) and a little bruise has started to form at the entrance point of the needle.

Blood tests - do you like them or loathe them?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday our little cowboy Cooper!

Well, Sunday was our gorgeous boy Cooper's 3rd birthday.  It is the first year that he has really gotten into the whole "Happy Birthday" thing.  In the lead up to his birthday, we had to light candles and sing "Happy Birthday" everyday.  He was sharing,  we all got turns to have a birthday song!
He was finally excited about opening presents too, his response "more presents"?
He is at a beautiful age, he thanked people for their presents, and also gave out lots of kisses.

We celebrated with a Cowboy and Cowgirls party with our family. It was a great success, helped along by waking up to the sun shining brightly.
From boot scootin', pin the tail on the donkey, horse shoe throwing - to finishing up with a swim at the beach. A wonderful day was had by all, yee haw!
The only downside was, I couldn't get him to wear his little vest, bandana and hat! So, we had to settle for him just wearing his chequered shirt - at least he had a fantastic day.
The house was transformed with western banners, balloons and streamers

His horse that neighed and trotted - however, he kept calling it a cow!

I painted various signs

I made a little jail

Cowgirl Elise
The Cowboys

Cowgirl Trin
The smallest Cowboy Charlie

Ian and Trin
The feast - a huge supply of party food
My sisters Tania and Trin with me in the vest and bandana.  Shell was missing from this picture
Me with my Cowboy
Pin the tail on the Donkey
Horse shoe throwing
Great shot!

Boot scootin'

Shell and her horse
The cake - western figurines on top (from the Womens Weekly cake party book)

Cupcakes with boots and cowboy hat tooth picks
The lolly bags - I cut out horseshoes and wrote each child's name on them

Finished with a dip at the beach

I highly recommend a themed party, the lead up to it was very busy, but the day was magical!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reflection of three years of Childhood


Tonight my friends Scott and Jess bought a beautiful baby girl into the world - Asha Rose.  She looks absolutely beautiful in the picture that I received, can't wait to meet their new little bundle.

It got me thinking, reflecting, on three years of childhood for our firstborn Cooper.  He will be three on Sunday, three - wow, so much has happened in the past three years.

I still remember the days before he was born, doing absolutely everything to try and get him to arrive into this world.  He was stubborn in utero, and still has an extreme stubborn streak!  It took medical intervention to get him to arrive into our lives, 9 days overdue and he finally arrived early on the 11 day - a sideways entrance (ouch), all 9 pound 5 of him (double ouch!!!)

Funny how his personality was developed so soon after he was born.  He was an extreme baby, hated sleeping and had to have a routine to keep him on track.  He still has that extremeness to him - everything he does, has to be because he wants to do it.  Although, he is starting to soften more and is so much easier to take out and about.

We have witnessed him commando crawl, crawl, stumble, walk and run. Watching a child develop is an amazing adventure.  There are tears and tantrums, love and laughter.

The last few months there have been many major changes for my little man.  He talks so much more - I think I have created my worst nemisis! He is like a little parrot, mimicking everything I say.   I love it, it is so cute to hear the "thank you mummy's", "yes coffee", "more yoghurt and bubbles", and my favourite "more Charwie", instead of "Charlie".   He has also finally realised that it is much nicer to wee and poo in a toilet or a potty, finally, finally, finally it is starting to click. Although, you have your good and bad moments with it all.  Little accidents are still happening, however, he is definitely getting better.  I got so excited today when I was on the phone and he ran to his potty and pushed out a poo, without me having to ask if he needed to go, or having to sit with him for an hour, until it appeared!! I had to get off that phone call quickly to do the wipe up, but I could not have been more prouder. Ask my husband, he got a text with a photo of it (yuck, I know), but only a proud parent who has gone through toilet training would understand what it is like.

My little man, we have gone through so much with you over the past three years.  Early on, a lot of sleepless nights, how we got through some of them, I really don't know.  You are a constant ball of energy, you live life to the max. So much enthusiasm and love for this world.  I marvel looking at life through your eyes. You have an amazing memory and imagination, a zest for life that I know will rub off onto your friends and everyone around you. Can't wait till Sunday, when you reach the wonderful "3" milestone - when we get to sing Happy Birthday to you.  Your favourite song at the moment, the candles are really getting a work out at present!!  Love you Coops, the memories we have created with you so far have been priceless.  Looking forward to your Cowboys and Cowgirls party - Yee Haw!
images via pininterest

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Milk bar is closed for maintenance!

Today was an emotional day, no tears were shed, I am just feeling an empty kind of feeling.
I had started to wean my little man Charlie as I am returning to work in 6 weeks time.  My aim was to drop a feed every couple of weeks, with the aim of him being comfortable on the bottle full time by mid September.  That way my body had time to adjust before I am a bridesmaid at the end of September, and also I would be on track for an early October return to work.

All was going to plan..... until my little fella decided that the bottle was easier, so my supply has dropped and he feels as though he has to work too hard to get satisfied.  Today, he only had a very small feed off me this morning, and that is it.

It's hard to express how I am feeling, for the past 9 months I have nurtured and provided him with this wonderful start to life.  And for that, I am extremely grateful. Happy that I was lucky enough to be able to feed him, comfort him in the middle of the night when he was so young (even though those early days are so hard, to get up every three hours is extremely tiring!)

I feel lost, like a part of me has died.  After doing something for so long, it becomes a part of your daily routine.

When Cooper decided it was time to stop feeding as well, I had the same kind of feeling.  But I felt more at ease with it, knowing that there was a fair chance that I was going to get the wonderful opportunity to experience it all again.  I was ecstatic when little Charlie came into our lives and started suckling from me within minutes of arriving into our world.

I guess I am in mourning, for something in my life that I will never get to experience again.  My feeding days are over, not just numbered as I thought they were yesterday - my little cherub is growing up, becoming independent, sob, sob......

I am trying to reflect and move forward - think of the positives that this brings for me.  I am now not set to times as to when I can go out, someone else can now step in and feed him. My body will settle down soon, and it will be all mine (I don't have to worry about what I eat or drink!)  No more dairy free diet for me, bring on an ice cream sundae! And, I don't have to worry about when I have a wine, look out, that could be dangerous!!!!

My little Charlie Bear, I have loved being your soul provider.  The one that you have turned to when you were hungry and thirsty. I know I have given you the best start into this wonderful world that you are living.  Thank you for enabling me to have this beautiful experience with you - I know that you love me and need me just as much as before.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tram Scroll

Tonight I am working on a tram scroll like the above for our study.  A smaller version with suburbs from the Mornington Peninsula.
I have painted a piece of wood white and am now working on the lettering layout.  I will then roll a couple of coats of black paint over the top - and fingers crossed, I will have a tram scroll!
And tomorrow, I am finally going to construct my second white table for our spare room.  I have bought a beautiful print for this room also, will post a picture of the room once it is all finished.  It is looking nice and cosy.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A friendship dinner

Laughter Card

So, tonight I am trekking to the 'burbs' to have dinner at a friends place.  The drive is just over an hour, and I actually don't mind doing it if I haven't been too busy.

The one huge positive, is that I am doing it on my own - no kids in tow, no wiggles coming out of my stereo speakers.  A chance for me to listen to some adult music, stick on the cruise control and just cruise.........

I always love a good catch up with the girls, it gives me an opportunity to be ME. I don't have to contend with feeds, nappy changes, baths and bed time ( a night off really is a rare occasion that is completely relished when it occurs!)

Oh, and no doubt the food that Ali will be whipping up tonight will be 5 ***** restaurant quality.  I have already been for a big bike ride this morning in anticipation of eating a lot of tasty calories.

And the company, along with Al, will be Floss (Jands) and Mel - friends from school, so that's a long time that these beautiful people have been in my life.

I can't wait for the wonderful company, laughs, bubbles and of course to see what tasty dessert we will all be devouring.

Friends make life fun, there is nothing better than getting together with my nearest and dearest and sharing stories, laughing, laughing and laughing.

Ill miss tucking my little cherubs into bed, but a night off for mummy is just what is needed from time to time to recharge the batteries.

Do you look forward to those nights "off"?
image via pininterest

Sticky date pudding - Yummmmmmm

Sticky Date Pudding

A friend of mine gave me the easiest and tastiest recipe for Sticky Date Pudding the other day.
You have two options - you can cook it in the oven, which takes 55 minutes, or pop it in the microwave for 6 minutes.  I guess it depends how long you can wait for this tasty dessert!!

We went the microwave option, we needed it pronto!

Here is the recipe for this taste sensation.

1 1/2 cups seed dried dates
1 1/4 cups boiling water
1 tsp bicarb soda
3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar
60g chopped butter
2 eggs
1 cup of self raising flour

1 cup firmly packed sugar
100g chopped butter
300 ml cream

1 - preheat oven, if you are going to wait 55 minutes!
2 - Line a 22 cm round cake pan with baking paper
3 - Combine dates, bicarb soda, water in a food processor with the lid on, stand for 5 minutes
4 - Add sugar and butter to date mixture
5 - Process by pulsing for 5 seconds or until dates are roughly chopped
6 - Add eggs, then flour, mix
7 - Pour into pan
8 - Bake for 55 minutes in oven (if you can wait that long!), stand for 5 minutes.  OR microwave on high for 6 minutes.

Then sit back, relax and eat (oh, and enjoy!)

image via pininterest

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spring is coming

Image via pininterest

Spring is only around the corner, the tree's already seem to be preparing themselves for the change in seasons.
There is something about Spring......the end of those extremely chilly nights and sometimes days are over.  Pretty blossoms form from those little buds that are starting to show on tree's. BBQ season begins, endless catch ups with family and friends can occur outside.  

My favourite of all though, is the factor that we can spend more time walking as a family, playing for hours on the beach and exploring the beautiful world that we live in.

Spring is the time when the footy hits its peak with the big grand final - wonder who will be in it this year? Go Hawks!

It's when I celebrate my birthday, my how those celebrations have changed!

It's also a time when we have more wedding celebrations - my sister in law is getting married at the end of September and both Will and I are in the wedding party (that's going to be one BIG day!) 

Nick (Will's brother) arrives home from the UK for a fleeting visit - he will get to meet our two little boys for the first time.  How weird is that, meeting your two little nephews who have been in our lives for -Cooper (almost 3 years) and Charlie (9 months)?!  There will definitely be some great times shared when he arrives.

I return to the work force - eek!  Half of me is looking forward to kick starting my career and having some time to do something for myself.  The other half feels at a loss, not having to spend every waking minute with my little munchkins.  It is so important that they have this time apart from me though, to grow and develop into their own personalities.  I will miss them immensely, but look forward to enjoying a hot coffee with no "mum" being shouted!

Beautiful scents in the air, sunny days, lighter clothing, snags on the bbq, footy fever, spring carnival, what is your favourite things about Spring?

Friday, August 5, 2011

New toys

We treated ourselves to some new toys the other day - a very rare thing that we do!
We got ourselves one of this imac laptops


and a 50' TV that we are going to mount on our wall!
Plus a new surround sound system too.

It's so nice to treat yourselves every now and then, don't you think?!

A refreshing morning run to kickstart the day

I've just been for a morning run - I find that getting out there first thing, clears the mind and makes for a great start to the day.
A time to pound the pavement with my thoughts all to myself.  To check out houses in the area, to see the beach, the waves lapping on the soft sand. "Good mornings" are shared with other people walking or running, and my body is getting a bit of a workout.
As much as I am back to my pre-baby weight, it's the extra toning that needs to take place now.  And let me tell you, this seems to be the hard part.
However, when I look at the two beautiful little boys that are now a part of my life, all this "extra" hard work is definitely worth it.
Running along with the push up challenge is starting to tone me up again, I have no tuck shop arms, just a few extra bits around the tummy region.  Not necessarily noticeable to the public's eye, but they clearly are to me when I am in my birthday suit.
Does exercise make you feel better?