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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandad! RIP

Today would have been my Grandad's 93rd birthday, but sadly he passed away at the great old age of 91.  What an innings!
He was the last of my grandparents to pass away, I lost all of my other three grandparents in one year - a really tough year for our family.
As I sit hear typing this, I am remembering the great man that he was - A WW2 veteran, a commando who fought hard for our country.
You made us all laugh with your wonderful sense of humour, you were loving to each of us in exactly the same way.  We loved visiting you, you always had eclair and butterscotch lollies for us. You loved telling stories and you especially loved seeing all of your great grand children.  Sadly you did not get to meet Charlie or Zarah, but we will make sure that they are told all about the beautiful person that you were.
Happy Birthday Grandad, I miss you on this day and every other day of the year.  I know you will be having some cake and a cuppa with Nana - and no doubt have played an April Fools joke on a few people too.

Love you xx
 Grandad with my bestie Kell at Alydia's 21st birthday party
 On my wedding day
On our Engagement

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A photo dedication to Floss - and various other friends.

I was flicking through all of my old photo's and thought, wow, we have definitely all changed over the years.  We thought we were so cool going away to my Grandad's place at Glenburn and dressing up in all the old clothes up there. Gee we had some laughs and good times at that place, thanks Grandad for allowing us to party on in our own environment with no neighbours to complain!
My parents were also away a lot, so our place held many a party - our neighbours weren't so forgiving about the noise though.
The one thing I regret is the time that Floss and I did not see each other for a few years.  We both missed out on going to each others weddings.
I'm so glad that we are great friends again - looking forward to getting some photo's together at Al's hens and wedding in April.
Sit back, and have a laugh you Pembroke girls!!!
Let the good times roll.................

 My farewell at the airport when I went to live in London for three months.

 Good old Glenburn

 The famous goblets!

 Louisa's 21st
 Another goblet

 Phillip Island

 Ummm, why did Claire and Floss wear these jackets at the same time?
 Check out the kids record player, that's the way Flossie rolls......
 No idea which party we were off too, but my hair looked like one coloured penis!
 Our engagement party
 Trin's hens night
 (me having just returned from London and putting on 10kgs in 3 months!)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smelling the sea air!

Today we did not smell the roses, we smelt the sea air! Wow, sea air is great, so clean and clear and takes you to another place.
Will decided we should head over to Point Leo for some family time on the beach. I know why he wanted to take us there, as he picked up a new surf board to trial - the next one that he wants to buy!!
We bought some sausage rolls and a pie from The Red Hill Bakery in Flinders on the way, best snag rolls I have ever tasted.
Beautiful times were shared on the beach, Charlie and I chilled together, while Will and Coops jumped about in the waves for a long time.  It was so peaceful and warm. We watched the school kids kayaking in the ocean and also learning to surf. So great that the kids get to experience these things, we never did anything like that at good old Pembroke!
I know that we made the right move in choosing for our boys to be raised at the beach.  They will love growing up on such a beautiful coastline, can't wait for them to go to little nippers and learn how to sail.
There is still so much for us to explore - as they say, beautiful one day, perfect the next!

 Flowers that the boys picked for me in the sand dunes!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The spike mullet!

Will always picks on me for when I had the spike mullet in the 80's - come on it was the 80's, and it was cool back then..................I think!
Anyway, we were going through old photo's and came across the famous spike mullet.  I showed Cooper the photo and said "who's that".  With no hesitation, he said "mummy"!
No, you can't seriously pick it is me from the picture!!  I kept on asking him, just to test him out, and every time, he said "mummy"!
Not only was my hair tragic, what was with my outfit????
Time for a makeover if Cooper thinks mummy still looks like this!
Can you pick it is me?