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Saturday, February 26, 2011

For my friend Ali

Yesterday my friend Ali, suddenly lost her mother in law to be.
Al and Daz are getting married on the 30th of April and will now not have their mum/mother in law to be there to celebrate their special day with them.
We are all thinking of you both during this extremely sad time.
Treasure the memories that you shared with this special lady

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jess's Hens afternoon

Ours friends Jess and Scott are getting married on the 27th of February.  We met them when they used to own Whitecliffs General Store - they made the best coffee's! Yesterday afternoon, a group of Jess's friends got together to celebrate her up and coming nuptials to her "poppet" Scott.  We had a late lunch at Baha's in Rye - tasty mexican, and a glass or two of wine. Then we boarded The Enterprise sailing ship for a sunset cruise on the bay.  It was a shame the weather was so cold and windy, but we still had a lot of fun.  Jess even climbed the rigging and she is 13 weeks pregnant!! It was a nice relaxing girls afternoon with lots of laughs, tasty food and good wine.  I managed to have a few wines and champagnes, the first big drink for me in a long time.  I'm lucky that Charlie takes a bottle, so I expressed off some feeds for him.  I can't wait for next weekend, their big wedding day.  Hopefully the weather is beautiful and warm as they are getting married at All Smiles in Sorrento.  It is going to be one BIG party!!!

Tradie Lady for hire!!!

                                             The screening, and the new deck under construction!
                                                     A typical tradie with my dog at my feet!

                                                    Can you tell I live at the beach? A tradie in her thongs!

Thursdays are usually date day for us if Will is not working.
Cooper is in creche, so we only have Charlie to look after, and he is one adaptable little baby so far.
We usually head out for brekkie, try out a new cafe that is on our hit list, taste cheeses, go to the brewery - or try and get a BIG job done around the house.
Today we decided to build a screen feature out from our new kids alfresco area. 
A few weeks ago, I removed the hedge where this was going to be built.  So, since then, each day I have been looking at that patch, wondering when we were going to get the chance to build it.
Today was the day - we gave up our usual coffee date venture, to stay home and contruct.
It was a lot of fun to tackle this job together.  Will showed me how to use the saw, so I cut all the merbau pieces to size and Will nailed it together.
It has come up a treat - now it is my job to paint it, which hopefully I can make a start on tonight.
We love to try and do everything ourselves around our house, the satisfaction of looking at it daily, knowing we were the one's that did it, is very rewarding.
Next is our decking under the alfresco area.  I'm going to leave that one to Will and the father in law, I'll contend with the kiddies while that is being built.
If anyone needs to hire out tradie lady, let me know!!

There's no use crying over spilt cous cous!

Well, it felt like it on Tuesday!
It started out as a nice day, spent the morning at playgroup - always great, Coops gets to play with his little friends and burn up some energy.  However, the day seemed to go downhill from there - it was more of a trying, tiring day.
I had made Cooper a tasty lunch of chicken, vegies and cous cous. I put it on his little Thomas table, he ran up to it excitedly, screamed and threw the whole bowl onto the rug in the lounge room.  Let's just say mummy was not very happy at all.  I told him off, asked him why he did it - his response sad face, said "mummy" and wrapped his little arms around me in a big hug.  I think I wanted to cry more from his cute little response.  He then helped me pick it up - and then started to eat it. Oh boy, why couldn't he have just eaten it in the first place. But, little 2.5 year old boys, like to test their mummies!!
It was a day of cat napping for Charlie, he was quiet happy, but it was just exhausting having to constantly hold him etc.  It is rare for him to be like this, he really is a good baby and loves his big sleeps. 
However, it all makes sense now, the little fella has a cough and cold - he actually has the symptoms of whooping cough, so we are keeping a close eye on him to see how he goes over the next few days.
So, at the end of the day, I thought about turning all the negatives into positives.
 - Yes, Cooper made a mess with his food - but the rug survived and I ended up with an extra special hug!
 - Little Charlie needed mummy for some love, as he was not well - and that is my job, to nurture and look after my little boys
 - I am grateful that I have two beautiful sons in my life.  I have friends out there trying to have babies, some of them are unable too, and for some, they just have a few extra hurdles to jump. Children really are a gift, and I am grateful that I have been blessed with two.
So, was it worth crying over spilt cous cous? Not at all. Some days are more trying than others, but at least I am healthy enough to still have those days in life!

Monday, February 21, 2011

"My Floss"

One of the reasons that I have started this blog is due to the inspiration of my friend Jandy - I call her Floss!
Her nickname originated from my dad calling her flossie when she had permed blonde hair.  So, Floss/Flossie has stuck over the years.
This girl is a beautiful friend of mine, we have created so many funny memories over the years. I don't get to see her as often as  I would like, as we don't live just around the corner from each other anymore. However, our friendship is an everlasting one, we will be friends till the end - curled up in our rocking chairs, chatting about all the naughty things we got up to in high school, over a glass of our homemade ouzo!
Floss keeps in contact with me every few days, we usually send each other texts, emails or fb each other.  She made my family these beautiful coffee cozee's so we won't burn our hands when we are having our latte's. She is thoughtful, caring, loving, beautiful - she is a wonderful person and friend.
We met each other in high school and pretty much every Friday night was drinks at my place - Sir and Oma (dad and mum), were either there, or away for the weekend.  So, our place was always the meeting place. Gee we got up to some mischief, salvo binning, plate smashing (outside people's houses we disliked), made our own alcohol, toilet papering, party's at Glenburn, the list goes on............... 
One of our favourite past times was to be groupies for the band "Grunt" - we were obsessed and watched them at the metro, hallam etc. The drummer Cam is now with Natalie Bassingthwaite - a few of us thought he was hot!
We are good girls now though, we have our own houses and I get angry at people that knock other peoples letterboxes over!
Floss adopted our cat Wizzy too.  We did not trust him when we were going to have kids, he probably would have curled up in their cots and smothered them.  So, now he lives at the zoo with all Flossies other pets.  I know he is much happier there.
Through thick and thin, little beautiful Floss will always be my friend xx


Will and I absolutely love coffee!
Our day usually starts out as to when we are going to have one, or if it is "date" day, which is Thursday when Cooper is in creche - where will we go for one.
We both pretty much started drinking it at the same time, probably about 9 years ago. It is our hobby, our passion - the kick start to our day!
I have booked Will in to do a coffee appreciation course next Thursday at St Ali in South Melbourne. This place makes the most amazing tasting coffee's.  We discovered it when we stayed in the city for a week last year. It is hidden in an alley - it's a gem that you walk away talking about all the time. We actually get a freshly roasted bag of beans delivered to us each fortnight from them.  Each delivery is whatever is their roast of the week, so it is a nice surprise to see what we are going to be drinking for the next two weeks.
This is our one true addiction in life, you've gotta have something to love!