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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tradie Lady for hire!!!

                                             The screening, and the new deck under construction!
                                                     A typical tradie with my dog at my feet!

                                                    Can you tell I live at the beach? A tradie in her thongs!

Thursdays are usually date day for us if Will is not working.
Cooper is in creche, so we only have Charlie to look after, and he is one adaptable little baby so far.
We usually head out for brekkie, try out a new cafe that is on our hit list, taste cheeses, go to the brewery - or try and get a BIG job done around the house.
Today we decided to build a screen feature out from our new kids alfresco area. 
A few weeks ago, I removed the hedge where this was going to be built.  So, since then, each day I have been looking at that patch, wondering when we were going to get the chance to build it.
Today was the day - we gave up our usual coffee date venture, to stay home and contruct.
It was a lot of fun to tackle this job together.  Will showed me how to use the saw, so I cut all the merbau pieces to size and Will nailed it together.
It has come up a treat - now it is my job to paint it, which hopefully I can make a start on tonight.
We love to try and do everything ourselves around our house, the satisfaction of looking at it daily, knowing we were the one's that did it, is very rewarding.
Next is our decking under the alfresco area.  I'm going to leave that one to Will and the father in law, I'll contend with the kiddies while that is being built.
If anyone needs to hire out tradie lady, let me know!!


  1. you are beyond awesome Buffy! xx

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