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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reflection of three years of Childhood


Tonight my friends Scott and Jess bought a beautiful baby girl into the world - Asha Rose.  She looks absolutely beautiful in the picture that I received, can't wait to meet their new little bundle.

It got me thinking, reflecting, on three years of childhood for our firstborn Cooper.  He will be three on Sunday, three - wow, so much has happened in the past three years.

I still remember the days before he was born, doing absolutely everything to try and get him to arrive into this world.  He was stubborn in utero, and still has an extreme stubborn streak!  It took medical intervention to get him to arrive into our lives, 9 days overdue and he finally arrived early on the 11 day - a sideways entrance (ouch), all 9 pound 5 of him (double ouch!!!)

Funny how his personality was developed so soon after he was born.  He was an extreme baby, hated sleeping and had to have a routine to keep him on track.  He still has that extremeness to him - everything he does, has to be because he wants to do it.  Although, he is starting to soften more and is so much easier to take out and about.

We have witnessed him commando crawl, crawl, stumble, walk and run. Watching a child develop is an amazing adventure.  There are tears and tantrums, love and laughter.

The last few months there have been many major changes for my little man.  He talks so much more - I think I have created my worst nemisis! He is like a little parrot, mimicking everything I say.   I love it, it is so cute to hear the "thank you mummy's", "yes coffee", "more yoghurt and bubbles", and my favourite "more Charwie", instead of "Charlie".   He has also finally realised that it is much nicer to wee and poo in a toilet or a potty, finally, finally, finally it is starting to click. Although, you have your good and bad moments with it all.  Little accidents are still happening, however, he is definitely getting better.  I got so excited today when I was on the phone and he ran to his potty and pushed out a poo, without me having to ask if he needed to go, or having to sit with him for an hour, until it appeared!! I had to get off that phone call quickly to do the wipe up, but I could not have been more prouder. Ask my husband, he got a text with a photo of it (yuck, I know), but only a proud parent who has gone through toilet training would understand what it is like.

My little man, we have gone through so much with you over the past three years.  Early on, a lot of sleepless nights, how we got through some of them, I really don't know.  You are a constant ball of energy, you live life to the max. So much enthusiasm and love for this world.  I marvel looking at life through your eyes. You have an amazing memory and imagination, a zest for life that I know will rub off onto your friends and everyone around you. Can't wait till Sunday, when you reach the wonderful "3" milestone - when we get to sing Happy Birthday to you.  Your favourite song at the moment, the candles are really getting a work out at present!!  Love you Coops, the memories we have created with you so far have been priceless.  Looking forward to your Cowboys and Cowgirls party - Yee Haw!
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  1. What a spesh little guy! You make me think motherhood could be for me - a rarity to be sure! haha

    My bro used to call me Kargy. Still does!

  2. What a lovely post Buffy! It is incredible to look back over 3 years and all the accomplishments you have made together as a family. I noticed lots of changes when my eldest turned 3 too. They grow in leaps and bounds every month, it's amazing!
    I also had a stubborn first born, turned himself breech and refused to come out on time. Only to be removed by c-section, all 10 pounds 1 ounce of him :o/
    Hope you have a wonderful day for your little man's birthday party :o)