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Friday, August 5, 2011

A refreshing morning run to kickstart the day

I've just been for a morning run - I find that getting out there first thing, clears the mind and makes for a great start to the day.
A time to pound the pavement with my thoughts all to myself.  To check out houses in the area, to see the beach, the waves lapping on the soft sand. "Good mornings" are shared with other people walking or running, and my body is getting a bit of a workout.
As much as I am back to my pre-baby weight, it's the extra toning that needs to take place now.  And let me tell you, this seems to be the hard part.
However, when I look at the two beautiful little boys that are now a part of my life, all this "extra" hard work is definitely worth it.
Running along with the push up challenge is starting to tone me up again, I have no tuck shop arms, just a few extra bits around the tummy region.  Not necessarily noticeable to the public's eye, but they clearly are to me when I am in my birthday suit.
Does exercise make you feel better?

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