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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Marriage Proposals

surprise wedding proposal

One thing I always love to hear, is how people get proposed to.  Was it a spur of the moment, drunken night, fall down on one knee proposal?  Or was there a bit more care and creative planning involved?
I love hearing about the creative one's, nawwwww the thought of listening to those stories gives me goosebumps and makes my eyes well up with tears.  The sweetness of words, the genuine love which is conveyed in the whole planning process, and the grand deliverance of it all.  One moment in your life  which you will always remember, even if it didn't turn out to be a happy every after.

Meet Isaac, his marriage proposal has topped the wedding cake for me - it makes you feel like you are there, I want to be a part of those dancing, happy people on the street!

Tell me how you were proposed too, I would love to see if you can make me cry.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tomorrow the sun will come out (the sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow- in true Annie form)

Tomorrow will bring two little guys eagerly waking me up
Tomorrow will bring new adventures
Tomorrow will bring new challenges 
Tomorrow will bring excitement
Tomorrow will bring the drive to succeed
Tomorrow will bring a new path on my yellow brick road
Tomorrow, when I wake up, it won't be tomorrow - it will be "today", tomorrow is always a day away.

A new door will open, bringing with it fun, laughter, creativity and drive.

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to learn to walk again in the direction that you yearn to go.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow, you're always a day away.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An Australian Autumn

You are probably wondering why all of a sudden I am posting all of these style files?
It's in preparation for a new job role which I begin next week.  That's right, a golden opportunity has arisen, that suits my little family to a tee.  My plan was always to work one day a week somewhere, I still need to do something for me - plus, I have to pay for retirement somehow!
I visited one of our local boutiques to see if I could work one day a week, also propositioning to them about assisting with their online shop and social media aspect of the business.  
After a meeting this week with the owner about what I could do for them, I now have a flexible job to fit in around my family.  I can work in the store as needed on photographing items and collating marketing information, and then do the bulk of work from home when my gorgeous boys are in shut eye mode.
I am so excited with the prospect of spending quality time with my family, but also having the opportunity to work with a local business to enable them to grow and prosper in an online fashion.
This opportunity would not have happened if I didn't take a leap of faith and decide what was best for my family.

Have you ever changed directions in your life and then all of a sudden your true calling has come along?

An Australian Autumn

True decadence
$56 -

J Brand skinny leg jeans
$150 -

Platform boots
$155 -

Tod s tod s tote

Norma kamali

One door closes, a new exciting door opens!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A paisley number

Yesterday I treated myself to this bright paisley dress by Mika and Gala.  It's time that my wardrobe had a lot more colour in it, so that it looks more like a rainbow.  There are many options to mix with this dress, addition of a belt and some accessories - and I'm thinking it will look cute with a pair of brown boots in winter.

A paisley number

Is your wardrobe full of the same colours, or can you sing a rainbow in it?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Fresh beginnings

How gorgeous is my mum looking?
Her new, soft hair which is growing back quite quickly, makes her look amazing.
She is glowing, smiling, and slowly healing.
Fingers crossed next month she can begin radiation and get this treatment over and done with.
She is a soldier that has fought one hell of a battle, a battle which is not over just yet.
Her body has the battle scars to prove what she has been through.
Hidden from the naked eye, but for her, a daily reminder of what it takes to live.
I told you cancer, that you had picked the wrong lady to mess with.
Look at her now, it's time for you to leave her alone and for her to have happiness!

Love you mum

Heartwarming for Winter

Sunday, February 17, 2013

He's a keeper!

Well, ain't that the truth!! Imagine falling in love with a whole plethora of men, that's just a recipe for disaster.  

No matter how hard life seems at times, there has always been one beautiful man standing by my side.
As they say, through sickness and health, we must be there for one another.
- he knows what I look like first thing in the morning - eek!
- makes me the most incredible coffee's
-tells me that I look great, even if I feel like I don't
-can make a yummy meal from anything that we have in our pantry and fridge
-has held my hair whilst I have vomited (sometimes through alcohol intoxication!)
- was right beside me when I found out that mum had cancer and I couldn't stop crying
-understands that being a parent is extremely trying at times, but very rewarding
-I've seen him cry when our two boys were born
-he understands the need for me to have a girls night out
-is a great side kick for having a drink with
-he is my husband, soul mate and most of all, my best friend

In November we celebrated ten years of marriage - that's right, we made it past the seven year itch without even having to have a scratch!
Even though I don't let him know enough, I absolutely adore him.
For our anniversary, he organised a three hour dolphin bay cruise.  It was so lovely to sit on the boat, share a drink together and TALK without little kiddies interrupting our conversation.  We saw lots of beautiful seals and watched others swim with them, but unfortunately did not have any luck with seeing any dolphins.  It was nice to be able to spend time out in our big blue backyard, sharing the moment with one another.
That night we went for dinner at one of the local yacht clubs - a club that you either have to be a member of, or be guests of a member.  Unless you are my husband, and manage to utilise your discount suit to benefit a little bit of luxury.  We wined and dined overlooking the beautiful bay, pure bliss.
Ten years of marriage - for us, it is all about compromise.  You have to be there for each other and understand what each other's dreams are. It's not rocket science, I'm just glad that we are on the same page of the book.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A little bit of love

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
We don't actually get into the whole celebration of this day, I see it more for the people in the world who are in new relationships. The one's that have just found their special someone to love.  
We used to celebrate it in the first few years of going out, that's now 14 years ago, so other anniversaries are now more important for us.
To all you love birds out there who do celebrate this day, I hope that you are truly spoilt.  For those that have not found their "one", tomorrow you might turn out to be someone's valentine.
Chocolates, flowers, cards, expressions of true love, tomorrow many people will be thinking of their valentine.
Here's a little idea for an outfit to get you in the mood for this day filled with extra love.

Valentines outfit

Bardot tailored shirt
$41 -

Lipsy pencil skirt
$39 -

$155 -

What do you have planned for your Valentine? Even though we don't celebrate it, mine is taking me shopping for a new car!

Country Road Latest Trend

What's your thoughts on the latest trend items that have just arrived into Country Road?
It looks like we are getting ready for combat girls.

Country Road Latest Trend

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovin' the look

I'm totally loving the following at the moment - a few things I have had to add to my wish list!

Team the above with this Sweet Coral nail polish currently available from Witchery at $12.95. It is a great pop of colour for this sunny weather we are currently having.  My feet have a very deep tan at present. They look like they need a good wash!

Also loving this Silk Trim tank from Country Road - $59.95

Soft drape pants in Sorbet colour from Witchery - $49.95
Teamed up with Kade braided sandal from Country Road - $119.95

Surely Will won't notice another pair of sandals in the wardrobe, will he?

Monday, February 4, 2013

The light that shines

As I write this, I am watching and listening to The light that shines - a documentary about Jill who is the same age as me.  She has had breast cancer, was in remission and now has stage four bone cancer.  Cancer is relentless, it is a tough disease to conquer.
If you want to watch her touching documentary, check it out here
It will move you,  bring you to tears, make you realise that life is precious, that you have to live in the moment!

These days, everyone pretty much knows someone who has had cancer, or who has it.

My mum is still waiting for her wound to close from the beginning of last August, so that she can start her radiation - Cancer is a BITCH!
It's not over for her yet, hopefully within the next few weeks her wound will close and radiation can start.  
Imagine having a nurse constantly visit you at your home, everything, everything is put on hold.
Radiation, CT scans on various parts of the body, it's not over.
This year, however, it does bring hope.  I would like to feel that the worst is over for her.
Her body is now sprouting new hair growth
Her smile is brighter
She has more strength

Following is a journey, one which I want to share with all of you.
Our mum is one hell of a fighter.... cancer, you chose the wrong woman to mess with.
She will conquer you, the light will shine.

If you have a loved one fighting this disease, I pray that their light is also shining.