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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This sweet little guy of ours is going to be four next month - WOW!
The top four photo's were taken a couple of days ago, he insisted on stripping of his pants to dip his toes in the water. His response - "It's cold!"
The innocence of children, it's amazing to witness. They live their lives so carefree, at a million miles an hour, telling you exactly how things are.
We have some wonderful conversations with Cooper - "What do you want to be when you grow up, a fireman, a policeman, a builder?" His response " I just want to be big, just want to be big Cooper"  And he is so right, he will be big, oh the innocence.
I love it when he calls me mum and I don't respond to him straight away.  I am then met with him yelling "Buffy"!! I love it that he thinks I am called mummy Buffy.
To think that this time four years ago, we were playing the waiting game to meet this little guy (oops, he wasn't that little, he was 9 pound 5 ounces - OUCH!)
And we wondered if he was a pink or a blue one, thought about what this little person would look like, what personality he would have.  
In four years, we have created so many incredible memories. He is so much like both of us - he loves to read on the toilet, have chocolate coffees in his squishy take away cup, play at the beach - and boy can he talk like me!!!
Cooper, you have a wonderful caring nature, an ability to make me smile as soon as you come into our bed in the morning (or during the night), saying, "it's just me Cooper". I love that you are still happy to kiss and cuddle me when I drop you at creche - and when I pick you up, you tell me how much you have missed me. I admire your sneaky skills to sidetrack me to swipe my phone, so you can go and play games or check out you tube.  You make my heart melt with the way you watch out for your brother Charlie (even though at times he is determined to get out of your grasp). Your "good morning Charlie" and "good night Charlie" make me feel so proud that we have raised you to share the love.
You are too funny saying you are "one" and that you are not turning four. Don't worry munchkin, you are still our little guy.
Don't you wish that we could all still be living an innocent childhood?

I can't wait till my almost four year old wakes up tomorrow and starts singing "la,la, la,la,la,la sing a happy song! The smurfs are in full swing at our place at the moment - now, that is bringing back memories of my childhood.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Strength in numbers


It's always there, it never leaves your mind, it's either at the forefront, or purposely jammed right into the back crevice of your brain. What will the future hold?

Fear - fear of the unknown, the clock is ticking.
Hope - we hold out hope that the operation she has just endured, will bring some good news

It crushes your soul to see someone fight for their life, to see their strong character slowly eaten away.  To hear them question their ability to fight the disease. To tackle each obstacle that is getting in the way of them leading a happy life.

And now she has a fighting spirit.  After recovering from pneumonia, she now can laugh, eat chocolate again and smile.  Even though she is extremely bruised and swollen from this recent operation, her desire to beat this horrible disease is stronger than its ever been.

It's amazing the wonderful, caring people that you meet on what is a heart wrenching journey.  The nurses, doctors, surgeons, survivors - the people that contact you to share "their" story of a loved one who has fought this disease, who is fighting this disease.........who has lost their battle to this disease.

We now have connections with people who will give us their shoulders to cry on when the going gets tough, who will sit and laugh with us to give us hope, who will silently be thinking of us every minute of every day.

This journey only begun two months ago, and we still have a long way to go, but my mum is a fighter and this disease will not beat her, or my family!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A new journey awaits

Last week I was made redundant - after 13 years of working for Dalton Paper/Spicers/Paperlinx, it is time for me to move on. The redundancy did not come as a shock, I had spoken with my boss a few weeks prior and said that if the opportunity arose for a redundancy, I put my hand up. It's time for me to find something closer to home, early morning starts, pretty much three hours spent travelling in the car each day, dragging my kids out of a deep slumber to get them to creche, it was no longer the answer. I need more time with my family.
 I shared the most wonderful times with my work friends, lots of fun drunken parties, laughter and jokes constantly in the office, and gaining some friends for life.  As much as I will miss working with all of these dear people and also for a company that gave me so much in my life, a new journey is waiting for me.
I'm not sure where I will end up, but I am looking forward to new challenges and friendships - oh, and less time driving my car!
Today I start  a new journey :)