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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half way mark in the Push Up Challenge!

100 push ups
WOW, I am half way in the push up challenge! Can't believe I have managed to do so many push ups - starting out at one on day one, and increasing by one each day.  So, I am now up to 50.

Not only am I doing push ups, I have also added lunges and sit ups to the mix as well. It's nice to have a daily challenge to get the heart rate up, and try and do something for me.  When you are a stay at home mum, it kind of feels like ground hog day a lot.  Washing, ironing, cleaning, nappy changing, feeding, painting, tantrums!!  It's nice to do something different - something just for ME!

I never would have thought I would make it this far, it's tough, but I'm half way - the sky is now the limit!

Put yourself out there, take on the push up challenge, or something else to get you away from the daily grind!!

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