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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Western round up!


Next month our little Coops turns three and we are having a Cowboy and Cowgirl party.
Just a gathering for our immediate family, which in itself is like rent a crowd! There will be 12 kids and 12 adults - boot scootin' with our hats, bandana's and guns! I have the cutest little vest, shirt, bandana, hat and guns organised for Coops. He was so excited when we bought the guns the other day, although I must say they are driving me a little crazy as they are quite noisy (plus, we have to have shoot outs with him).  The other day I walked with him to the shops, and he had to shoot every car. I hope that the drivers did not think I had some little psycho with me!!
The invitations have been sent out and they are along the theme of a wanted poster.
I can't believe that I have already organised most of the decorations and food. Have already baked up the things that I could freeze, so I can relax leading up to the party.
It's going to be such great fun to see everyone dressed up - I'll be sure to post up photo's after the party.  Can't reveal what it will look like, don't want to ruin the surprise!
Yee - haw - round em' up!

Have you ever had a themed party?

1 comment:

  1. How cute! Sounds like a hoot and holler of a party :o)
    We haven't done themed, though for my eldest 3rd birthday this year we had a balloon twisting entertainer come along and she was fantastic. The kids loved her! Enjoy the party and look forward to seeing some pics of it :o)