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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Releasing of my little home - "Serenity"!

 The home is on the pole on the right hand side

 Can you spot the water in the  background?

 Ask Cooper - "there it is!"
 The beautiful gazebo roof

And through the gazebo, is a piece of paradise!

Today I chose to release my little home into the world - "Serenity".  For those of you who are not aware, Kellie and her little girls Poppy, Ava and Bloss from are making 1000 origami homes to send out all over the world.

If you are wanting to release one, you chose a word, and contact Kellie and her girls.  They will then send you a beautiful origami home in the mail.  You chose where to release it, take some photo's for them and write a short story as to why you chose this place.  Then you cross your fingers, toes etc and hope that someone finds your home and gets into contact with them. Such a beautiful way to brighten someone's day, don't you think they are doing something truly magical?? I do!!

I hope one day that I come across one of their homes in my travels.

So, I chose my word "Serenity" as this really is what our life has become. Moving to the beach with my beautiful family, this place has become our home. We have made wonderful friends, and the boys are thriving in the beach life that we have provided them with. The beaches are pristine, the air is clean, the community is caring - and for 90% of the year, you can feel the "Serenity"! We love where we live, and we hope that someone finds the little home that we released today.

I released it underneath a gazebo in the Sorrento Historic Park, right near the children's adventure playground. This park is every child's dream - ramps, steps, towers, traverses, flying fox, monkey bars, monkey rungs, musical instruments, very big wave slide, spiral slide, metal chute slide, fireman's pole, tunnels, sandpit and swings! Fun for children and adults too! I chose to release it here, as the landscape is picturesque.  Beautiful gardens, meandering paths which lead to the playground, the beach, etc.  You can watch your children play, have a bbq, day dream as the boats motor on by - simply relax and feel serene.

Please someone find my little home and get into contact with www.1000homesof
I would love to hear where your new home is


  1. Nicole, this is beautiful! I adore the gazebo...such a fitting place for little home Serenity to be released. It looks like you had a lovely day.

    Thankyou so much for your support. We are very grateful.


    Kellie and her happy little team.

  2. Hi Buffy, what a gorgeous space you have here... lovely boys and a lovely home too!
    Kellie led me here and I'm pleased she did :o)

  3. Glad you popped by mama of two boys, we seem to have something in common xx