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Friday, July 1, 2011

Stretched heart strings.....

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This week has been a beautiful week for weather. Every day I have managed to get outside with my boys- there has been meandering walks on the beach, play times at numerous parks and social catch ups with friends. At the end of every day I have recapped in my mind how wonderful it has been to spend this quality time with my family and friends, then comes the heart string 3.5 months I will be returning to the work force. My little boys will go to creche together and won't get to spend all this extra time with mummy. It sometimes hurts to think that someone else will get to see how they make you laugh with their funny personalities. The dance moves, head shaking, squealing, endless hugs and kisses. But then I think about how many friends they will make, the independance they will gain and also the time I will get to do something for myself. So as much as it will be hard at times, there are definitely a lot of positives.

As I was worrying about this minor heart string pull this week, I had friends dealing with actual heart breaking situations. One friend lost her grandad, I know exactly how that feels, I have no grandparents left, and your heart aches for them, you feel empty that someone that has been a part of your WHOLE life, has gone. Another friends mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, now, that battle has just begun for her. She will get through every up and down as she has extremely supportive family and friends- but cancer sucks, and it's not fair that my friends mum has to battle this one out. Finally, a guy who I used to work with, lost his wife suddenly- a brain aneurism, taken way before her time. She was almost my age and they have a beautiful little girl who is just a little older than my baby. That poor little girl has lost her gorgeous mumma.

Tonight I told myself to suck it up, if my heart strings are pulling because in time I'll be back working part time, and just spending a few days away from my family. Then that really is nothing to worry about, compared to what my friends are dealing with at the moment.

Every day is precious, live your life the way you want to, tell your loved ones how much you love them. My little boys got some extra hugs tonight, we never know when our time is up. That scares me!

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