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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Almost there

survivors.....some very great friends that persevered through this journey...truly inspiring!!

Today marked the beginning of your last course of treatment, by the time it finishes, it will be almost one year since you were diagnosed. It's been a long, trying year for you, one which has forced you to dig deep at times to get through it. I wish that I could take some of your pain and tiredness for you, to give your body a break from it all.

I hope that this treatment is kind to you, 33 rounds of radiation - daily hospital visits, Monday to Friday.  It's going to make your body more tired.

When I spoke with you tonight, I sensed your apprehension for what is waiting for you.  This journey has been an arduous one, and there are still more tests to follow on other areas of your body.

You will get through this, radiation is a walk in the park compared to the hell that chemo put you through!

I admire your strength to manage a smile through your tough times, your ability to keep going when your body didn't want to and to share a joke and laugh in those dark hospital visits.

Mum, this Mothers Day we will celebrate the end of your treatment. Not like last Mothers Day when we were waiting for your biopsy results.  We will remember the emotional year that you have warriored through. You will get through this and it will be time for you to just LIVE.

We love you mum, you are almost there

Monday, March 18, 2013

Holidays with friends

Over the long weekend we went on a road trip to Pambula with a fantastic group of friends.
An early morning start with a catch up for breakfast along the way - we all required a much needed hit of caffeine at that first stop!
This trip was more "glamping" then camping. We stayed at the Big 4 caravan park in Pambula in villa's.  We all wanted to be comfortable, especially with kids on board.  Keep the kids happy in a nice environment, and then everyone is smiling!
Fun, Fun, Fun - skateboarding, bike riding, surfing, swimming, jumping on the trampolines and the jumping pillow, mini golf, beach time - and of course, "happy hour" every day.  Or should I say "happy hours".....
It was a blissful holiday with energetic, excited children. 
 We had a one night stop over on the way home at one of our friends homes in Paynesville.  Another gorgeous water side town.  It's amazing to catch up with a friend who you haven't seen in two years, and you can still have a good old conversation.
This holiday was one which we will cherish and talk about all the time.  It's marked on our calendar for next year, hopefully we will all make the pilgrimage again together.

Do you have a holiday spot that you frequent regularly?