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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Spring is coming

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Spring is only around the corner, the tree's already seem to be preparing themselves for the change in seasons.
There is something about Spring......the end of those extremely chilly nights and sometimes days are over.  Pretty blossoms form from those little buds that are starting to show on tree's. BBQ season begins, endless catch ups with family and friends can occur outside.  

My favourite of all though, is the factor that we can spend more time walking as a family, playing for hours on the beach and exploring the beautiful world that we live in.

Spring is the time when the footy hits its peak with the big grand final - wonder who will be in it this year? Go Hawks!

It's when I celebrate my birthday, my how those celebrations have changed!

It's also a time when we have more wedding celebrations - my sister in law is getting married at the end of September and both Will and I are in the wedding party (that's going to be one BIG day!) 

Nick (Will's brother) arrives home from the UK for a fleeting visit - he will get to meet our two little boys for the first time.  How weird is that, meeting your two little nephews who have been in our lives for -Cooper (almost 3 years) and Charlie (9 months)?!  There will definitely be some great times shared when he arrives.

I return to the work force - eek!  Half of me is looking forward to kick starting my career and having some time to do something for myself.  The other half feels at a loss, not having to spend every waking minute with my little munchkins.  It is so important that they have this time apart from me though, to grow and develop into their own personalities.  I will miss them immensely, but look forward to enjoying a hot coffee with no "mum" being shouted!

Beautiful scents in the air, sunny days, lighter clothing, snags on the bbq, footy fever, spring carnival, what is your favourite things about Spring?

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