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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday our little cowboy Cooper!

Well, Sunday was our gorgeous boy Cooper's 3rd birthday.  It is the first year that he has really gotten into the whole "Happy Birthday" thing.  In the lead up to his birthday, we had to light candles and sing "Happy Birthday" everyday.  He was sharing,  we all got turns to have a birthday song!
He was finally excited about opening presents too, his response "more presents"?
He is at a beautiful age, he thanked people for their presents, and also gave out lots of kisses.

We celebrated with a Cowboy and Cowgirls party with our family. It was a great success, helped along by waking up to the sun shining brightly.
From boot scootin', pin the tail on the donkey, horse shoe throwing - to finishing up with a swim at the beach. A wonderful day was had by all, yee haw!
The only downside was, I couldn't get him to wear his little vest, bandana and hat! So, we had to settle for him just wearing his chequered shirt - at least he had a fantastic day.
The house was transformed with western banners, balloons and streamers

His horse that neighed and trotted - however, he kept calling it a cow!

I painted various signs

I made a little jail

Cowgirl Elise
The Cowboys

Cowgirl Trin
The smallest Cowboy Charlie

Ian and Trin
The feast - a huge supply of party food
My sisters Tania and Trin with me in the vest and bandana.  Shell was missing from this picture
Me with my Cowboy
Pin the tail on the Donkey
Horse shoe throwing
Great shot!

Boot scootin'

Shell and her horse
The cake - western figurines on top (from the Womens Weekly cake party book)

Cupcakes with boots and cowboy hat tooth picks
The lolly bags - I cut out horseshoes and wrote each child's name on them

Finished with a dip at the beach

I highly recommend a themed party, the lead up to it was very busy, but the day was magical!

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  1. What a totally gorgeous party Buffy! Everything looked superb! LOVE the cake and the deco's. Cooper is a gorgeous little man, Happy Birthday to him! :o) It's always a nice feeling when you get a party done and dusted for another year... they're fun, but they can be completely tiring too! Well done to you xo