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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blood tests, love them or loathe them?


I detest anything to do with needles, I fear them, almost pass out just at the thought of them.
Today I had to have a blood test.  Over the past month I have been feeling very tired, have an odd pressure kind of feeling in my head (not sinus pressure), and on certain occasions have had blurred vision (once I had to pull over and stop driving) and have also felt faint.

I had to fast from 10pm last night, which isn't that hard to do. However, I love to have my breakfast as soon as I get up - so this morning was a struggle.  As it was, I woke feeling extremely lethargic and faint - to hold off on eating was a tough gig!

I let the nurse know that I have fainted in the past while having tests. Also, in my current condition, I was sure I would pass out.  My veins are a nurses worst nightmare, they are tiny and they always have to use the smallest needle.  I could never be a junkie, my veins would let me down!

As the needle entered, it felt as though some of my life was being sucked out of me - I felt faint, and thought "oh no, here we go".  I managed to stay upright in the chair though and just waited a little while after the test was completed.  Three vials later, I was out of there and on my way home to a big bowl of tasty muesli.

It took me all day to recover from it, I was pale, cold (even in this warm, sunny weather) and a little bruise has started to form at the entrance point of the needle.

Blood tests - do you like them or loathe them?

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