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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Western round up!


Next month our little Coops turns three and we are having a Cowboy and Cowgirl party.
Just a gathering for our immediate family, which in itself is like rent a crowd! There will be 12 kids and 12 adults - boot scootin' with our hats, bandana's and guns! I have the cutest little vest, shirt, bandana, hat and guns organised for Coops. He was so excited when we bought the guns the other day, although I must say they are driving me a little crazy as they are quite noisy (plus, we have to have shoot outs with him).  The other day I walked with him to the shops, and he had to shoot every car. I hope that the drivers did not think I had some little psycho with me!!
The invitations have been sent out and they are along the theme of a wanted poster.
I can't believe that I have already organised most of the decorations and food. Have already baked up the things that I could freeze, so I can relax leading up to the party.
It's going to be such great fun to see everyone dressed up - I'll be sure to post up photo's after the party.  Can't reveal what it will look like, don't want to ruin the surprise!
Yee - haw - round em' up!

Have you ever had a themed party?

Grateful for everlasting friendships


This week I am grateful for the friendships that I have with so many different types of friends - from school, work, mothers group, the beach etc.....
Since relocating to the magical Peninsula a few years ago, I feel that at times I may be losing contact with some of my friends. Everyone operates around texts, emails and facebook these days as our lifestyles are so busy. I love nothing more than catching up with my friends over coffee, a champagne, dinner, a walk in the park - I don't care where it is, just as long as I can give them a hug and kiss and have a fabulous time.
So my dear friends, if we have not seen each other for some time, let's organise something!!!
What's your favourite thing to do with your friends?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grateful Monday - Family

A grateful board
**should have posted yesterday**
Today I am grateful for my wonderful family. It is not often that you hear about families that have a close knit bond - my sisters are not just my blood, they are my friends too.
Yesterday we got together to celebrate two of my nephews turning 6 - Bayley on the 16th and Flynn on the 24th. The theme was a football party.
It is always so nice to get together to celebrate these special milestones, it's a great excuse to have a laugh, chat and watch the kids run around like crazy together.
Oh, and don't forget the tasty party food that is always on offer.
Just a few snippets of the day!
 Charlie enjoyed his first dress up party!
 Charlie and Zarah hanging out together.

 Bubble time!

 The yummy ice cream cake
The little one's got right into the footy thing!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful brunch with beautiful friends

Today we had brunch at our place with Al and Dazz - it was a gorgeous sunny Winter's day!
I decided to cook eggs/spinach/bacon in a ramekin dish, so tasty. Topped with a bit of cheese and tuscan seasoning, bon appetit!
They kind of looked like these
Then we had a side dish of avocado and mushrooms, baked tomatoes and some turkish bread.
Finished off with some nice, fresh fruit.
And who could forget Will's tasty coffee's, what a perfect  barista he is.  We all had two!

What did you get up to today? Did you see some friends, or just have a lazy indoors day?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High tea - yummo!

high tea.

Tomorrow I am having High Tea with some girlfriends, can't wait! I have never done this before, so it will be nice to sit around, chat and taste some beautiful food.  We are actually having it in the morning, so, not your traditional High Tea time - no doubt it is going to be fabulous!
afternoon tea
After that, I am having afternoon tea with some old work friends, think I will be on the biggest sugar fix come tomorrow night!
Do you fancy a bit of High Tea?

One table down, one to go........

Wow, I have finally finished one table for our guest room.  It took me a lot longer than I anticipated. Always the way, when you are dealing with kids and also have absolutely no idea what you are doing.  So, this one is finished.  The next one is ready to be put together, just have to find the time to construct it.
What do you think? I had a vision, it did not turn out exactly how I wanted it to - but I am happy that I had a go!
These tables have been made from this gate:

Do you think they look all beachy and shabby chic?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Half way mark in the Push Up Challenge!

100 push ups
WOW, I am half way in the push up challenge! Can't believe I have managed to do so many push ups - starting out at one on day one, and increasing by one each day.  So, I am now up to 50.

Not only am I doing push ups, I have also added lunges and sit ups to the mix as well. It's nice to have a daily challenge to get the heart rate up, and try and do something for me.  When you are a stay at home mum, it kind of feels like ground hog day a lot.  Washing, ironing, cleaning, nappy changing, feeding, painting, tantrums!!  It's nice to do something different - something just for ME!

I never would have thought I would make it this far, it's tough, but I'm half way - the sky is now the limit!

Put yourself out there, take on the push up challenge, or something else to get you away from the daily grind!!

Releasing of my little home - "Serenity"!

 The home is on the pole on the right hand side

 Can you spot the water in the  background?

 Ask Cooper - "there it is!"
 The beautiful gazebo roof

And through the gazebo, is a piece of paradise!

Today I chose to release my little home into the world - "Serenity".  For those of you who are not aware, Kellie and her little girls Poppy, Ava and Bloss from are making 1000 origami homes to send out all over the world.

If you are wanting to release one, you chose a word, and contact Kellie and her girls.  They will then send you a beautiful origami home in the mail.  You chose where to release it, take some photo's for them and write a short story as to why you chose this place.  Then you cross your fingers, toes etc and hope that someone finds your home and gets into contact with them. Such a beautiful way to brighten someone's day, don't you think they are doing something truly magical?? I do!!

I hope one day that I come across one of their homes in my travels.

So, I chose my word "Serenity" as this really is what our life has become. Moving to the beach with my beautiful family, this place has become our home. We have made wonderful friends, and the boys are thriving in the beach life that we have provided them with. The beaches are pristine, the air is clean, the community is caring - and for 90% of the year, you can feel the "Serenity"! We love where we live, and we hope that someone finds the little home that we released today.

I released it underneath a gazebo in the Sorrento Historic Park, right near the children's adventure playground. This park is every child's dream - ramps, steps, towers, traverses, flying fox, monkey bars, monkey rungs, musical instruments, very big wave slide, spiral slide, metal chute slide, fireman's pole, tunnels, sandpit and swings! Fun for children and adults too! I chose to release it here, as the landscape is picturesque.  Beautiful gardens, meandering paths which lead to the playground, the beach, etc.  You can watch your children play, have a bbq, day dream as the boats motor on by - simply relax and feel serene.

Please someone find my little home and get into contact with www.1000homesof
I would love to hear where your new home is

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh so cold!

Another cold, wet Winter's day!
Today I only had my little man to spend the day with, Cooper was in creche with his little friends.
I spent all morning doing household chores, then curled up on the couch and watched a movie.
Such a perfect day for a chick flick!
What's your favourite all time movie?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank You!

Today in the mail I received a Thank You card from Will's nana. It truly made my day!
It had a nautical theme to it, I wonder if she realised that? With us living at the beach, I love receiving anything that relates to the beach.
She was thanking us for sending her a family photo, paintings from the boys (I had dipped Charlie's feet in paint and marched them across paper!), Cooper did a painting though. I had also made her a beach hut card with a little note written in it.
I know it brightens my day to receive things in the post, so I try and keep her updated with little pictures of our family.
As you get older, these things are treasured so much more.
Why don't you pop a little something in the post to a loved one?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A day indoors

Today I was praying for sunshine, but it did not happen - it was a full day spent indoors with my two little men.
We did some drawings, put stickers onto pictures, wrestled, watched a movie, danced, laughed - and me of course had to do some housework too! I also managed to paint a table I am building and also paint a picture frame.
Tomorrow, I think we might head to an indoor play centre so Mr Coops can run and jump like crazy with some other kids!
Any tips on how to keep toddlers entertained on a cold Winter's day?
creative play

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today I'm grateful for..........

As of today, like so many other people out there in the world, I am going to make Mondays - "My today I am grateful!"
It's like all those people that overindulge on a weekend, and then Monday is the start of their healthy diet.
Monday just seems like the day to kick start something new, appreciate things, start afresh, make it what ever you want it to be!

So, today I am grateful for.....
runners legs

Being able to go for a run this morning.  Take my own time to breathe in the fresh sea air, get the heart rate up, try and get a little fitter.  Basically just having the opportunity to do something for me!
What are you grateful for today?

Saturday, July 2, 2011

My little dancer will be 3 next month - agh!

Towards the end of next month, my little dancer Coops will be 3!
I can't believe that he has been in our world for almost 3 years -  he certainly keeps us entertained with his fine acting and dancing skills.
I'm thinking of holding a little party with some of his friends.
Kids Party Invation

Love these invitations, so cute for a beachside party.
Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes.... who'd of thought??
These cupcakes in ice cream cones are perfect, he loves eating ice cream cones with nothing in them!

Love this for a kids party!
I love this bright caterpillar cupcake - so many decisions as to what cake to bake.
balloon candy "pinata" #party #kids
A fantastic game for the kids - balloons filled with little treats.

kids party food idea-
Mini hot dogs in rolls, definitely a must!

What things do you love about kids parties?

Serenity of beach life!

This is where I was on Thursday afternoon - on the beach, all my myself. No kids, not a soul in sight. Just me, the sun, the sand and the waves lapping at my feet- ah, this is bliss!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Stretched heart strings.....

how to really love motherhood, motherhood quote, mothering print, motherhood printable, mothers day

This week has been a beautiful week for weather. Every day I have managed to get outside with my boys- there has been meandering walks on the beach, play times at numerous parks and social catch ups with friends. At the end of every day I have recapped in my mind how wonderful it has been to spend this quality time with my family and friends, then comes the heart string 3.5 months I will be returning to the work force. My little boys will go to creche together and won't get to spend all this extra time with mummy. It sometimes hurts to think that someone else will get to see how they make you laugh with their funny personalities. The dance moves, head shaking, squealing, endless hugs and kisses. But then I think about how many friends they will make, the independance they will gain and also the time I will get to do something for myself. So as much as it will be hard at times, there are definitely a lot of positives.

As I was worrying about this minor heart string pull this week, I had friends dealing with actual heart breaking situations. One friend lost her grandad, I know exactly how that feels, I have no grandparents left, and your heart aches for them, you feel empty that someone that has been a part of your WHOLE life, has gone. Another friends mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, now, that battle has just begun for her. She will get through every up and down as she has extremely supportive family and friends- but cancer sucks, and it's not fair that my friends mum has to battle this one out. Finally, a guy who I used to work with, lost his wife suddenly- a brain aneurism, taken way before her time. She was almost my age and they have a beautiful little girl who is just a little older than my baby. That poor little girl has lost her gorgeous mumma.

Tonight I told myself to suck it up, if my heart strings are pulling because in time I'll be back working part time, and just spending a few days away from my family. Then that really is nothing to worry about, compared to what my friends are dealing with at the moment.

Every day is precious, live your life the way you want to, tell your loved ones how much you love them. My little boys got some extra hugs tonight, we never know when our time is up. That scares me!