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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day of birth

Today was my day of birth, just a few years ago now............
I'm so grateful that I was born into this world with two of the most amazing parents.
Their strength and love for each other and my family has been the reason that we can go on each day.
Some days seem a little harder than others, tears have been shed, text messages flow constantly and so do the phone calls. Having a loved one battle the cancer disease and everything that goes along with it, truly tests your emotions to the inner core.

Today being my birthday, made me reflect on a lot of things in life.
-  How age isn't an issue for me, I'm just happy to be alive!
- I've been given the opportunity to be a mother of two little boys (full on at times, well most of the time!), but some of my friends have given their all to try and bring just one little person into the world.

However, the biggest thing that affected me today, was speaking with my mum.  The amazing woman who gave birth to me and has given me everything in life that a mother can.  She has apologised because she hasn't been able to organise a birthday card for me - to me, that's the last thing I expect her to do.
To her, it means the world.
Her coming home from hospital today, was the best present I could have received. The highs and lows of the past week have impacted us all.  Most days I just want to cry, the exhaustion of a loved one suffering tends to take its toll on everyone.
This is my mum, the person whose heart I have felt beat from the inside.
Courage is her middle name
The reality is setting in as to what the treatment is doing...........her hair is starting to fall out..............the next time I see her, she may not have any hair.  She thought she would be ok with it, however, now reality is kicking in.
Today as I celebrate my birthday, I'm grateful for being born to one of the strongest mum's in the world, and a dad who is supportive every step of the way.

October is breast cancer awareness month, please support the breast cancer foundation, you never know when this disease will touch your life.


  1. happy birthday beautiful. one day your boys will speak of you with such admiration and love because your'e aswonderful a mum as oma xx

  2. Oh sweetheart, Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a special day... it sounds like having your lovely Mama come home might have been the nicest gift anyway.
    Such a touching and beautiful post Buffy. Your parents must be way proud of you. Sending positive thoughts your way.
    I'm off to a pink ribbon girl's night in on the weekend, my friend does a fabulous job of this night every year :) xo