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Monday, August 8, 2011

A friendship dinner

Laughter Card

So, tonight I am trekking to the 'burbs' to have dinner at a friends place.  The drive is just over an hour, and I actually don't mind doing it if I haven't been too busy.

The one huge positive, is that I am doing it on my own - no kids in tow, no wiggles coming out of my stereo speakers.  A chance for me to listen to some adult music, stick on the cruise control and just cruise.........

I always love a good catch up with the girls, it gives me an opportunity to be ME. I don't have to contend with feeds, nappy changes, baths and bed time ( a night off really is a rare occasion that is completely relished when it occurs!)

Oh, and no doubt the food that Ali will be whipping up tonight will be 5 ***** restaurant quality.  I have already been for a big bike ride this morning in anticipation of eating a lot of tasty calories.

And the company, along with Al, will be Floss (Jands) and Mel - friends from school, so that's a long time that these beautiful people have been in my life.

I can't wait for the wonderful company, laughs, bubbles and of course to see what tasty dessert we will all be devouring.

Friends make life fun, there is nothing better than getting together with my nearest and dearest and sharing stories, laughing, laughing and laughing.

Ill miss tucking my little cherubs into bed, but a night off for mummy is just what is needed from time to time to recharge the batteries.

Do you look forward to those nights "off"?
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