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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A bake up!

no bake lemon slice
Today we had a little bake up - nothing too fancy, just a few tasty treats.
I made a batch of lemon slice for Charlie's b'day which is coming up, we always keep some of this in the freezer for any unexpected guest that arrives.
Will whipped up some coffee scrolls and cheesy-mite scolls, yummo, these were all for us!!
I also made pear and apple pancakes for lunch, these were a huge hit with the boys, Cooper ate almost as many as us, and Charlie devoured a whole one in five minutes!
Then dinner time rolled around and we had my mouth watering oven baked chicken stuffed with cheese and whole grain mustard and drizzled in gravy - with a side dish of mashed potato, zucchini and pumpkin (all mashed together).  Little Coops inhaled his so quickly, that he moved on to my plate.
Nothing makes me happier than when we can make beautiful meals for our family that they can enjoy.
Do you enjoy getting your bake on?

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