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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celebrations, teething, returning to do we do it?

The last few weeks feel like a whirlwind.......or should I say, my brain feels like it has not had a chance to switch off and unwind??
Almost a couple of weeks ago, my sister in law got married - I love a wedding, the commitment, the love in their eyes, the laughter, a good drink and dance with family and friends.  We cherished this day as Colin and Belinda said "I DO".  The sun was shining, the champagne was flowing, and we were kid free for a whole 24 hours!!! It has been so long since we have had no children in our care for that period of time, it felt weird leaving them, but was lovely to enjoy some "US" time.
After the wedding, Will's brother Nick came and stayed with us - to our "nice gaff" as he called it (our home).  He is currently living and working in London - he had never met our two little boys, his nephews.  How would you feel meeting your nephews when they are 3 and 10 months old? Would be such a bizarre feeling meeting new members of the family after such a long time.  But, they clicked and got along really well.  Although, Coops still thinks it is uncle "Mick"! We took Nick to Portsea beach, where he played in the waves with Coops.  There was drinks everyday - Will took him to a few of our local bars, and we also  spent some time at the Red Hill Brewery.  I think his highlight was all about the foods that he has missed, dim sims, pies, sausage rolls, parma - and a good steak from The Conti.  It is funny the little things in life that you miss that you can't get all over the world.
This week I returned to work after my twelve months of caring for my little guys - working three days a week, Tuesdays/Wednesdays and Thursdays.  And would you believe that Charlie decided to cut two teeth on Monday night, when mummy had to return to work at 8am on Tuesday? He only stirred a couple of times, but enough to wake feeling a little bleary eyed.
Being back at work, has made me feel that I am doing something for me and my family.  I get time to be just me, not a mum (although I am alway a mum), you know what I mean....not having to change the nappies, feed, entertain etc, just for a few days.  And my babies get a chance to learn about being independent, to make friendships, to learn and to miss their mummy and daddy and know that all will be ok.
And then last night he screamed for three hours after I got home from work, I was thinking, how can I work all day and then deal with that during the night? No down time for me as there were bottles to prepare, bags to pack etc.  Then he bombed and stirred twice through the night, but I still managed to get some good sleep. The tears started again tonight, so I wonder if those other two teeth have cut through too?
Why is it that things always happen when life is at your busiest? Is it a test to see how well you can deal with everything being thrown at you?
It is amazing how we get through these times though, it's all about being organised, trying.... and I mean trying to remain calm, because last night I thought those screams were never going to end.
All is quiet in the household right now, and everything feels just right. Please let my baby not have those nasty teething pains tonight.
On that note, it is time to curl up in my comfy bed, one more early rise for my working week.
Sweet dreams

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