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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tired, tired, tired............

Today I feel TIRED...........the feeling that I had months ago when I was diagnosed with low vitamin D.  Still such a weird thing to get my head around, considering most days I am out and about in the sunshine.  However, I have since learnt that it is also diet related, and considering there was a lengthy period when I had very minimal dairy, I am putting it down to this.
I feel like I have been hit with a tonne of bricks, sheer exhaustion which comes down to returning to work (those really early morning starts, and the long commute), combined with two sick little boys.  One very sick little bubba who has been on two lots of antibiotics in three weeks - ear infections, tonsillitis and thrush.  Along with this, he has been getting teeth - the poor munchkin has been miserable.
Also, Coops has had croup twice in that period of time too, luckily we have had the steroid medication to get straight into him.  Nothing like it hitting at midnight!
How we got through those days where we only had four hours sleep and then had to work, I really don't know.  I felt like I needed to insert a caffeine drip to keep me going.
It is so hard to focus on the positives in life when you have sick kids that sap all of your energy - those extra cuddles in the middle of the night, the screams of pain, the not knowing what more you can do for them.
So, as much as I am tired today, we have built cubbies, danced, sang, and little Charlie has been walking around hanging onto things.  Oh, and of course he has been pulling Coopers train tracks apart and getting him angry!!  The fun really begins between those two now..............
Time for some good things for us now, sicknesses are moving on, weather is warming up, and we have lots of wonderful celebrations coming up with family and friends.  There is always someone else out there doing it a lot tougher than me, and that's what I need to remember every day - some days baby steps get you through, but as long as you are alive and surrounded by wonderful people, that's all that matters. Think it's time for me to stop and smell those roses, better go in search of some to sniff!

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