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Monday, July 23, 2012

Strength in numbers


It's always there, it never leaves your mind, it's either at the forefront, or purposely jammed right into the back crevice of your brain. What will the future hold?

Fear - fear of the unknown, the clock is ticking.
Hope - we hold out hope that the operation she has just endured, will bring some good news

It crushes your soul to see someone fight for their life, to see their strong character slowly eaten away.  To hear them question their ability to fight the disease. To tackle each obstacle that is getting in the way of them leading a happy life.

And now she has a fighting spirit.  After recovering from pneumonia, she now can laugh, eat chocolate again and smile.  Even though she is extremely bruised and swollen from this recent operation, her desire to beat this horrible disease is stronger than its ever been.

It's amazing the wonderful, caring people that you meet on what is a heart wrenching journey.  The nurses, doctors, surgeons, survivors - the people that contact you to share "their" story of a loved one who has fought this disease, who is fighting this disease.........who has lost their battle to this disease.

We now have connections with people who will give us their shoulders to cry on when the going gets tough, who will sit and laugh with us to give us hope, who will silently be thinking of us every minute of every day.

This journey only begun two months ago, and we still have a long way to go, but my mum is a fighter and this disease will not beat her, or my family!


  1. Thinking of you and your family often Nic, and sending healing vibes. Love to you all. xxx

  2. this is beautiful... i'm one of those people who are thinking of you every day, i hope you know that xx