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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandad! RIP

Today would have been my Grandad's 93rd birthday, but sadly he passed away at the great old age of 91.  What an innings!
He was the last of my grandparents to pass away, I lost all of my other three grandparents in one year - a really tough year for our family.
As I sit hear typing this, I am remembering the great man that he was - A WW2 veteran, a commando who fought hard for our country.
You made us all laugh with your wonderful sense of humour, you were loving to each of us in exactly the same way.  We loved visiting you, you always had eclair and butterscotch lollies for us. You loved telling stories and you especially loved seeing all of your great grand children.  Sadly you did not get to meet Charlie or Zarah, but we will make sure that they are told all about the beautiful person that you were.
Happy Birthday Grandad, I miss you on this day and every other day of the year.  I know you will be having some cake and a cuppa with Nana - and no doubt have played an April Fools joke on a few people too.

Love you xx
 Grandad with my bestie Kell at Alydia's 21st birthday party
 On my wedding day
On our Engagement


  1. Happy birthday grandad ♥

    the picture from your wedding is so beautiful... canvas worthy even :)

  2. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man ♥