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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A photo dedication to Floss - and various other friends.

I was flicking through all of my old photo's and thought, wow, we have definitely all changed over the years.  We thought we were so cool going away to my Grandad's place at Glenburn and dressing up in all the old clothes up there. Gee we had some laughs and good times at that place, thanks Grandad for allowing us to party on in our own environment with no neighbours to complain!
My parents were also away a lot, so our place held many a party - our neighbours weren't so forgiving about the noise though.
The one thing I regret is the time that Floss and I did not see each other for a few years.  We both missed out on going to each others weddings.
I'm so glad that we are great friends again - looking forward to getting some photo's together at Al's hens and wedding in April.
Sit back, and have a laugh you Pembroke girls!!!
Let the good times roll.................

 My farewell at the airport when I went to live in London for three months.

 Good old Glenburn

 The famous goblets!

 Louisa's 21st
 Another goblet

 Phillip Island

 Ummm, why did Claire and Floss wear these jackets at the same time?
 Check out the kids record player, that's the way Flossie rolls......
 No idea which party we were off too, but my hair looked like one coloured penis!
 Our engagement party
 Trin's hens night
 (me having just returned from London and putting on 10kgs in 3 months!)


  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha! That is toooo funny!

    Burgo looks like the devil in that last shot!

    Coloured penis? GOLD!

    Jands has certainly gotten better with age - sorry Jands, but you know it's the truth!

    The 90s... Such bad fashion... And the unfortunate thing? It's probably not far off a comeback! ARGH!

  2. oh wow, this is soo funny! so many good memories (and bad hair styles! - except at your engagement, my hair was awesome then!)

    i cant stop laughing. god life was easy then!

    I agree nan, we missed out on a lot, but luckily, we're gonna be friends forever now!

    Karls, I friggen hope it's the truth, otherwise I have no hope!

  3. This is frigen fabulous Nic - as much as it's embarrasing too! Amazing fashion, and hair, but they were bloody good times!! And the best thing is, most of us all still see each other and are still great friends!
    Great blog!