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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One action packed social weekend!

Wow, we had one action packed social weekend - so great to see everyone, but come Sunday night, there was no place like home!
Friday we had to drive to Frankston for Will to donate blood, his last weekly visit to get his ferratin levels down. Now he moves on to once a month for three months.  So whilst we were there, I met up at the play centre with my beautiful ex work mate Robbo, and her cute little girl Lara.  We chatted away for hours while the kiddies had a play.  I love how even though we don't get to see each other a lot, we are never lost for words.  Love you Robbo!!! Friday night I had to pack everything for us to be away from home for the weekend.
Saturday morning we had Willow's first birthday party, such a special occasion for her, even though she won't remember it.  Although, I always look upon the first birthday as a time to congratulate yourselves for getting through the first year of parenthood.  Congrats Pete and Bron for getting through all those sleepless nights, you know they are definitely worth it.  First birthday parties always have great food too, so this was a nice kick start sugar hit to our day!
From there we moved on to visit my sisters new place in Brighton.  They have not moved in yet, but we all met up there so the kids could have a play and we could check out their new home.  It is going to be renovated in about 8 months time, it will definitely be a beautiful home for them to share many a memory in.  Can't wait to spend some good times there with them.
Then we had to drive out to the in laws in Chirnside Park and drop the kids off to be babysat.  We had Jem and Darren's wedding party to attend.
So, off we drove to Box Hill - nothing like driving all over Victoria in one day!
Jem and Darren were having a wedding party at their new home.  They eloped on the 18th of December in the Grampians, shame we missed out on celebrating their nuptials with them, but at least we got to help them celebrate on Saturday night!! So many laughs, with great friends - can't believe we have known each other for 21 years! I still remember Jem's 13th birthday party when my wig fell into the punch (it was a dress up party).  After all these years, we are still the dearest of friends, I know we will be friends for life.
We stayed the night in Chirnside Park, much easier than pulling the kiddies out of bed and making the trek back home.
On Sunday morning, my lovely friend Flossie came over for morning tea.  She is going to be house sitting the in laws place when they go overseas for three months.  I dished up my usual lemon slice and cherry ripe slice, always a hit! We were supposed to also see my other sister Trin on the way home, but we missed them, they were still out.
We loved seeing our family and friends, I miss seeing everyone now that we live on the Peninsula, a catch up involves a lot of planning with the kiddies in tow.
Thank you to my wonderful friends for being a part of my life.  Even though I don't see you that often, I am always thinking of you and loving you xx

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