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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jess and Scott got married!

A week ago today, Jess and Scott got married.  Mmm, I think we were all quite merry and dancing the night away at this time.
It was a beautiful setting - location was All Smiles, back beach of Sorrento. Perfect blue sunny skies, a little wind, but at least there was no rain!
Who would have thought that we would make such beautiful friends at this stage in our lives.  Two years ago, we moved to the beach and a group of wonderful, caring people have accepted us into their circle of friends.  I feel blessed every day to be a part of these people's lives.
Jess and Scott used to make us the most beautiful coffee's when they owned Whitecliff's General Store, and from those coffee's, our friendship has evolved!
Will and I were so excited in the lead up to the wedding, it is not very often that we get to venture out together without the kids.  We usually have to tag team it, one of us will stay home, while the other goes out. So, it was great that my parents could come and stay for a few days and babysit the kids for us. Lucky for us that Charlie loves taking a bottle too!
Our party pants were on as soon as we boarded the bus that picked us up.
The ceremony was relaxed and had some very special touches.  It took place on the cliff top, balinese flags flapping in the winds. I loved the warming of the rings (both rings were passed around for everyone to touch), and the bottle of wine that got sealed away with love letters that they had written each other.  They will drink the wine and read the love letters on their 5th year wedding anniversary - Awwwwwww!
First drink was a cocktail, and then us girls hit the wines and the dance floor.  It has been years since I have had such a big night of drinking and partying like that. We even had a couple of rounds of shots - I so thought I was going to be paying for it all the next day with a hangover.
Fun times were also had in the photo booth - the props box was a hit.  So great to share this wonderful day with them - and there was no hangover!


  1. looks like a beautiful day, hopefully we'll have as much fun at alis!

  2. Hope you like the photobooth pics i just posted on FB! :D