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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This year the little guys in our house are super excited for Christmas.  They like the idea of Santa, but to see him in the flesh, brings tears to their eyes.  A jolly fella dressed up in a suit, handing out gifts, surely that wouldn't make you cry? But then again, they are all different shapes and sizes, so maybe that freaks them out?
Cooper decorated our tree and he did a great job, we have even left some fake presents under the tree for Santa this year.  It's nice to have some festive cheer in the house, after what has been an emotionally trying year.  Below are some snippets of what our house is all about this Christmas.

 The paper tree decorated with pretty baubles.
 Charlies door decoration
 Coopers door decoration

More decorations will be going up before Christmas, we can't wait.

Do you have your house filled with Christmas cheer?


  1. you do such an amazing job of decorating, you have a real eye for it! must be so exciting this year with two excited little boys. you deserve a beautiful christmas after your long and trying year. heres to 2013 being a healthy happy year for your whole family xx

  2. Looking lovely Buffy! Definitely good food for the soul, having the house decked out with colour and sparkle like that :) xo