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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Determination and courage to see another birthday.

Today was my mum's birthday. Oh yes, she made it!
It was only about a month ago when mum said to me "am I going to be alive for my birthday?".
My response "of course mum!".  Yes, she made it!
After the last round of chemo, for the first time, mum has managed to stay out of hospital.  Fingers crossed she can stay out of hospital and make it till next Tuesday, when she will endure her last round of chemo.
I feel a relief coming, chemotherapy has been a huge struggle. But, have you ever heard of anyone referring to it as a walk in the park?
I know mum is dreading having it again, the severe muscle aches really knock her about.  However, she knows that it needs to be done for her best shot at killing off any cancer cells.
However, the treatment doesn't finish up next week, more like around March!
But chemo will be done and dusted, another operation to follow and then radiation.  I just hope that we can have her home for Christmas with us.
Baby steps mum, you have almost made it past the biggest hurdle you have had to face.
Through it all, you have managed to keep your cheeky smile and sense of humour.
I believe that you get your strong will for life and your ability to try and run the hospital, from your father.  Every time I see you, I see a part of him in you.
He would be so proud of you mum, just like we all are.
Happy Birthday mum, we look forward to spending many more with you

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