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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time with one

Since Friday morning, I have been flying solo with one child. I've only got two children, but when you only have one to care for, it's almost like the days of pre children!
Will and Cooper headed off to my sisters holiday house to spend some time with them.  They were only going to go for one night, but have been having so much fun, they now won't be coming home till tonight.  I decided not to go as Charlie had been sick and it had been a busy week with my parents staying.  That's right - my mum and dad finally got to stay with us again.  It took a little bit of work from my mum to convince the hospital to let her go away, but they did.  I think they found the Christmas spirit from within to let her have some time away with her family.
Plus, I really wanted Will to just have some one on one time with Cooper.
These last few days, I feel rejuvenated.  I got to sleep in until 9am yesterday morning - Charlie is our one who loves to sleep in, whilst Cooper is our early morning riser.
We've played at the park, the beach, been on walks, coffee dates, shopped - yes shopped in Sorrento in the peak of holiday season, with a young child - gasp! And each day he has rewarded me with a three-four hour afternoon nap.  Time to myself where I haven't had to entertain another child while he slept. I've sat in the backyard in the sunshine reading a book, done some gardening, watched a movie. Such rare treats for me, relaxation time is bliss. At this present moment, the house is serene, with the hum of jetski's in the background cruising around the bay.
I never thought that my love for my youngest son could grow even more, but it has.  When given the time and energy to focus on one, it makes you appreciate everything that you have in life.
And at 12:45am this morning when he was calling out "mummy cuddles bed", I couldn't resist - I went and picked him up and bought him in to sleep with me. The joy of waking up to my baby saying "love you" made today start with a smile.
I've enjoyed the last few days of doing things differently.  It's been like a mini holiday without leaving the walls of my home.
All the same, I'm looking forward to the chaos of when my other two boys come home tonight.

Bring on those family wrestle times again!

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  1. Oh Buffy, I really love this post. It's beautiful. And I can completely relate to the ease of only having one child to care for. When hubby is home, quite often I'll head to the shops with just one of the boys or only have one of them home with me, while he takes the other out. It is quite blissful. Because as I have learnt, when they're together they either fight or get into mischief. So glad you were able to enjoy some time to yourself... Oh and also get to spend quality time with your parents too. Happy New Year to you and your fam xo