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Monday, February 4, 2013

The light that shines

As I write this, I am watching and listening to The light that shines - a documentary about Jill who is the same age as me.  She has had breast cancer, was in remission and now has stage four bone cancer.  Cancer is relentless, it is a tough disease to conquer.
If you want to watch her touching documentary, check it out here
It will move you,  bring you to tears, make you realise that life is precious, that you have to live in the moment!

These days, everyone pretty much knows someone who has had cancer, or who has it.

My mum is still waiting for her wound to close from the beginning of last August, so that she can start her radiation - Cancer is a BITCH!
It's not over for her yet, hopefully within the next few weeks her wound will close and radiation can start.  
Imagine having a nurse constantly visit you at your home, everything, everything is put on hold.
Radiation, CT scans on various parts of the body, it's not over.
This year, however, it does bring hope.  I would like to feel that the worst is over for her.
Her body is now sprouting new hair growth
Her smile is brighter
She has more strength

Following is a journey, one which I want to share with all of you.
Our mum is one hell of a fighter.... cancer, you chose the wrong woman to mess with.
She will conquer you, the light will shine.

If you have a loved one fighting this disease, I pray that their light is also shining.


  1. You are all so brave, thank you for sharing your personal moments, it does bring tears for sure.

    So many people fighting cancer at the moment, very hard

  2. what a beautiful strong brave woman is our Oma! heres to 2013 being full of hope xx