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Sunday, February 17, 2013

He's a keeper!

Well, ain't that the truth!! Imagine falling in love with a whole plethora of men, that's just a recipe for disaster.  

No matter how hard life seems at times, there has always been one beautiful man standing by my side.
As they say, through sickness and health, we must be there for one another.
- he knows what I look like first thing in the morning - eek!
- makes me the most incredible coffee's
-tells me that I look great, even if I feel like I don't
-can make a yummy meal from anything that we have in our pantry and fridge
-has held my hair whilst I have vomited (sometimes through alcohol intoxication!)
- was right beside me when I found out that mum had cancer and I couldn't stop crying
-understands that being a parent is extremely trying at times, but very rewarding
-I've seen him cry when our two boys were born
-he understands the need for me to have a girls night out
-is a great side kick for having a drink with
-he is my husband, soul mate and most of all, my best friend

In November we celebrated ten years of marriage - that's right, we made it past the seven year itch without even having to have a scratch!
Even though I don't let him know enough, I absolutely adore him.
For our anniversary, he organised a three hour dolphin bay cruise.  It was so lovely to sit on the boat, share a drink together and TALK without little kiddies interrupting our conversation.  We saw lots of beautiful seals and watched others swim with them, but unfortunately did not have any luck with seeing any dolphins.  It was nice to be able to spend time out in our big blue backyard, sharing the moment with one another.
That night we went for dinner at one of the local yacht clubs - a club that you either have to be a member of, or be guests of a member.  Unless you are my husband, and manage to utilise your discount suit to benefit a little bit of luxury.  We wined and dined overlooking the beautiful bay, pure bliss.
Ten years of marriage - for us, it is all about compromise.  You have to be there for each other and understand what each other's dreams are. It's not rocket science, I'm just glad that we are on the same page of the book.

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