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Friday, February 1, 2013

Online Shopping

Women shopping

Online shopping - are you a fan of it or not?

Years ago, I couldn't understand it when people started to buy on line.  Then I moved to the southern end of the Peninsula, where shopping was limited.  The nearest large shopping centre was 45 minutes away, and I would have to drag my kids along *sigh*.
Don't get me wrong, we do have shops nearby, however, a lot of these are boutique style and can set you back some $$$'s.

I am now a huge fan of online shopping, you can compare prices on everything and I find that usually the items are cheaper and that's to have them delivered to your door!
If it's raining outside and you are nice and snug in your warm home, you can just buy at the click of a button.  Morning, noon or night, the internet does not discriminate against you.
You can buy at your leisure, which for me is when the kids are usually tucked up in bed for the night.  A hot chocolate in hand, I tend to waste a lot of time just perusing the net. Even if I don't necessarily need to buy anything.  I like to check out latest fashions and see what is all the current rage in people's homes.

So tell me, if you are an online fashion shopper, what is it that you look for in a website?
Do you look for shopping with ease? 
The ability to buy more than one item from one store?
Suggestions on various outfits you can put together?
Sale items?

What is it??? I really want to know what gets you spending your money online!

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