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Monday, February 21, 2011


Will and I absolutely love coffee!
Our day usually starts out as to when we are going to have one, or if it is "date" day, which is Thursday when Cooper is in creche - where will we go for one.
We both pretty much started drinking it at the same time, probably about 9 years ago. It is our hobby, our passion - the kick start to our day!
I have booked Will in to do a coffee appreciation course next Thursday at St Ali in South Melbourne. This place makes the most amazing tasting coffee's.  We discovered it when we stayed in the city for a week last year. It is hidden in an alley - it's a gem that you walk away talking about all the time. We actually get a freshly roasted bag of beans delivered to us each fortnight from them.  Each delivery is whatever is their roast of the week, so it is a nice surprise to see what we are going to be drinking for the next two weeks.
This is our one true addiction in life, you've gotta have something to love!

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