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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Peninsula Hot Springs - massage = one relaxed mummy!

It's a place where time is forgotten - and they are definitely right about that!
Have you ever been to the Peninsula Hot Springs? It is practically in my backyard! Well, a quick 7 minutes drive from home.  I can't believe that it has taken me all these years to go there. I have paid for other people to experience it, but not myself!  Last year for my birthday, Will gave me a voucher for a Kodo massage - the only reason it has taken me this long to use it, is that I was 9 months pregnant at the time.  No way would you see me naked on a massage table so heavily pregnant!!! Plus, there is no way that I could have enjoyed the experience that I had anyway.  So, I was just waiting until I got my pre baby body back - I'm still a little squishy around the sides and tummy, but at least I am at my normal weight. Nothing like having to strip down to your undies and have someone rub their hands all over your body, and not in a sexual way either!
Back to the Hot Springs!
Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs & day spa centre in Victoria around 1.5Hrs from Melbourne. Natural thermal mineral waters flow into the pools and private baths providing the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Peninsula Hot Springs makes it possible to bathe in the naturally healing waters of mineral rich thermal pools.
Entering the bathing area is like stepping into another world, a sanctuary where the mind and body are calmed by the steam, the sound of running water and the casual banter of bathers.
The 50°C hot mineral spring water flows from an underground aquifer 637 metres below the surface. The water runs untouched direct from the source to the pools, which range between
37°C and 43°C. Peninsula Hot Springs thermal mineral water contains a range
of naturally occurring minerals including sulphur, calcium, magnesium, potassium and many others and is classified as a “Sodium Chloride Bicarbonate Spring” (Na-C1.HCO3).

The therapeutic benefits of the mineral springs are said to include the alleviation of neuralgia, bruising, articular rheumatism, stiffness of the shoulders,  recovery from fatigue and muscular complaints and enhancing fertility. (For those friends of mine wanting to have babies - come on down and jump in the pool!!!)

I booked myself in for a mid week massage - which entitled me to a discount, so I had some extra money to spend on my voucher.  I sat in the cafe and had a chai latte until it was time to go in, my muscles were starting to relax already.  Sitting there thinking about my boys at home, I thought about how grateful I was that they had let me "escape" to have some special "me" time. I also bought a goats milk soap to take home - it smells devine.  Once my cuppa was finished, I went and changed into my white robe and then headed into the relaxation room until they were ready for me.  That room was beautiful, peaceful music playing, dim lighting, comfy couches, magazines...................the mind was starting to switch off.
Then it was time to wander down the hall to my massage room - again, dim lighting, aboriginal music playing, oils burning (the oil that I had chosen with my eyes closed, it was a detox oil).  
My therapist explained what the Kodo massage was all about - This rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques which tone and re-align energy flow, enhancing mind and body balance and wellness. A combination of pressure points and spiralling movements ground and uplift, balancing the body's energies. A choice of native aromatic oils are selected to address individual client needs - to rejuvenate, reharmonise or detoxify
I definitely had to shed any inhibitions - my robe was removed, the towel covering my back was tucked into my undies as she worked away on my back and shoulders.  She commented my shoulders were really tight - of course they were, I have two little kiddies to carry around!! She dug deep in the shoulder area, it hurt, but at the same time felt great. I almost fell asleep as my mind and body were taken away from the every day worries of life.  The 60 minutes of Kodo experience was wonderful, I highly recommend it to anyone.
Afterwards I went back into the relaxation room, drank lots of water and had a revive tea - and read some magazines in peace and quiet.  No kids running around, no dora or abc shows playing in the back ground.  Just me, my cup of tea and my relaxed mind and body!! I'm definitely going back, time and time again - next time I am going to experience the pools....
Setting Sun

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