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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Bucket list!

Now I don't want to sound morbid, in fact I am trying to be far from it - but I am starting to write a bucket list.  Things that I want to achieve/experience in my journey through life. I don't want to have any regrets, I want to try and do as much as I can.  Life is too short, too short to drink bad coffee!! And a lot of other things too.
 I am a person that needs to have dreams, goals, something to strive for.  Life is about the experiences that you have along the way to achieving your little dreams. The ups and downs, the laughs, the tears - and hopefully along the way, I will have the support from my family and friends. So, as I think of things for my bucket list, I will add them to this spot of mine.  And if there is anything out there that you want to achieve, let me know - it may trigger my brain and heart to want to experience it too!!
Still of Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List

 - To parachute
- Learn how to play golf (with all these beautiful golf courses on the Peninsula, I have no doubt that I will be playing on one of these courses later in life!)
Places to visit
-  Hawaii
 - Travel through Europe, experiencing the different coffee tastes!
- Travel America
- Maldives
- Bali again with the kids in tow
- New Zealand
- Thailand
- Dubai

- Learn how to fly a plane
- Run a marathon, the most I have ran in a race is 15kms and it was tough!
- Learn how to sail
- Kayak around the bay
- Have a go at stand up paddle boarding
- Be a mentor for someone
- Get involved in property development

So far my list is quite small, but I know come a couple of weeks time, it will have grown immensely.
What's on your "bucket" list?

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