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Monday, May 21, 2012

The word I didn't want to hear

It's been one whole week since we heard that terrible word, it feels like a lifetime.
I'm amazed at how much your life changes when someone close to you is diagnosed with it.
Nothing in the world prepares you for that phone call, "yes, it's cancer".
I tried to be strong and hold back the tears, but they flowed instantly.
You apologised for making me cry, but it isn't your fault that you have this disease.
When I got off the phone, I sobbed uncontrollably, not knowing what lies ahead for us.
At times I feel so empty, raw, totally lost.

I met with your surgeon and one of the nurses who will care for you, they are amazing.
So positive, caring and calling it the "little bugger", instead of saying what it really is.....cancer.
They explained in great detail what the operation will entail, with the uncertainty if the "little bugger" is contained, or if it has spread.
And now we pray, that when they operate, they will remove the bugger and it won't return!

For those of you that are close to us, you will know the strong bond that our family has.
Four daughters who are the best of friends - as dad once said, we are his four aces in a pack of cards, and he couldn't ask for anything else.

To my mum who has given me all I could ever want in life, you will not be alone for one moment on this journey. You know that all of us will be with you every step of the way - to send this "little bugger" packing his bags!

United we stand to conquer this battle.


  1. Oh geez Buffy, I am so terrible sorry to read this news. Much strength and positivity to you and your family... and big hugs too xoxo

  2. Wow, what a beautiful dad you have, what a precious thing to take through life!
    I'm sure with the love and strength of your amazing family, your mum will pull through this, and be there for years to come.
    It's so unfair this cancer thing, best wishes for a positive result for your mum, and hugs to you my dear, an amazing daughter!
    Love Claudia xxx