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Friday, January 13, 2012

Colour or grey?


On older ladies it is all the rage, it seems to suit them - the grey highlights, the all over "el natural" silvery tones. Some women even pay a lot of money to go grey!
As for me, I think I'm too young to leave the grey's on show. My hair is extremely dark, so they make me look very drab.  Pluck out one and get seven more - is this an old wives tale?
What are your thoughts, leave yourself to grow old gracefully?
Or pay a visit to the hairdresser where you can sip on tea, and catch up all all the latest celebrity goss?

All as I know, I'm off to the hairdresser tomorrow to wash those greys right out of my hair (oh, and spend a few hours reading trashy goss about the kardashians!)

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain. Underneath these dark locks lies a very grey young woman! Started going grey at 16 and have been on a rapid decline ever since. I'm now pretty much silver underneath layers and layers of hair dye. I've pondered going grey myself - save me a fortune in hairdresser costs (especially as I have to go every 4 weeks - and even then I have a distinctive grey line at the top of my part). But I'm not sure I'm quite ready to let go of my youth yet.