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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today when I picked up my two little men from creche, I was greeted with one running little toddler who ran up to me, checked in and then ran off and pointed to his bag and said "mummy".  Wow, he is 16 months and he made me proud that he knew the routine of having to collect his bag.  Another mum started to pass the bag to me, until Charlie glared at her, grunted and screamed until mummy had the bag in her hands.  It was like no one was allowed to touch his bag except for me! Oh dear, they really do start young.

Then we walked outside to find Cooper who was happily playing in the tree's with his friends.  He ran up to us, gave me a huge cuddle and said "mummy, oh how I've missed you".  Nawww, cue little butterflies flying in my tummy - he always rushes up to me with excitement, but this was the first time he had told me how he felt.  Then he proceeded to say bye to his friends and tell his friends "it's time to go home, this is my mummy".  On the way out he was having a lovely little chat to one of his friends and his friend asked his dad if Cooper could come home with them and play.  It makes me proud to see my little men so happy at creche, making friends and being independent and happy.  It just makes those working days that tiny bit easier knowing that they are surviving  without their mummy around.

My munchkins are growing up, you really do have to cherish every moment in life.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel Buffy. Warms the heart entirely to pick up your little ones and see them so happy and content in themselves. Boys are so sweet and affectionate to their mama's too, bless their little socks. Glad you can have peace of mind while at work, nothing worse than worrying about them all day xo