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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daffodil Day

Daffodil Day

Tomorrow is Daffodil Day - Daffodil day is for all of us to grow hope for a brighter, cancer-free future.
The Daffodil represents a bright growth for a healthy future.
The Daffodil is the international symbol of hope for all touched by cancer.
This year this day means a lot more to me than any other year.
Sam Stynes, wife of the late Jim Stynes spoke recently on 3AW about this "hideous" disease.  She spoke from the heart and was brutally honest as to how cancer affects your life.  Some might say that some of her comments about Jim were cruel, but they need to remember that this was her husband.  She loved him deeply and this crippling disease shattered the lives of her, their kids and the family.
If you haven't been touched by this evil, you are one of the lucky one's.
I used to think I was a very strong person, but each time I hear the mention of cancer now, tears well in my eyes.
I hate that my mum is battling this disease, that she is spending her days in and out of hospital.
And now she is hooked up to a machine to drain the excess bad blood from her, as her wound still has not closed from her last operation around six weeks ago.  Somebody give my mum a break!!!
Further treatment is now delayed until her wound has healed. It feels like we have taken one step forward and six steps backward.
Today I was walking towards a lady who clearly was having treatment for some form of cancer.  She had no hair and was wearing a warm beanie to try and keep her head warm.  The pale skin, dark eyes, look of extreme sickness on her face.  I gave her the biggest smile that I could - a smile and expression on my face to show that I really cared. It hit me then, that in a few months time, that is what my mum will look like.  And I hope that when people see her, they to will give her a nice warm smile to make her day.
Today I bought mum the biggest teddy bear that you could buy to support Daffodil Day.  I hope it will bring her comfort and be her friend on this "interesting" journey.

Please support Daffodil Day tomorrow and give to Cancer Research.  You never know when it will touch the life of someone that you love.

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  1. And what a beautiful bloom to represent such a hideous disease. Cancer is evil Buffy, it does not discriminate and it DOES touch us all in some way. My darling friend, just 33, is battling it right now and it very nearly breaks my heart to think about, let alone when I look at her. Still beautiful, but somehow changed by this horrid event. Lots of prayers and hugs for your Mum, I am certain that lovely bear will give her much strength to fight on xoxo