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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bringing out the inner child

Today was our work Christmas lunch - the getting together of 170 staff to have some yummy food and laughs.
We had an Adult jumping castle and Gladiator ring.  I was pretty adamant that I was not going to go on either of these - these things are for little kids!!
However, it didn't take long for a group of us girls to jump on the castle.  We squealed like little kids, it was fun, but gee it was hot and hard work.  I don't know how kids bounce around on these things for hours.  I felt like the inner child had been reborn in me, like 10 years had been taken off my life.  Who cares that I am an Adult and probably looked like a fool, it was so much fun!
Then we hopped into the gladiator ring, game on, the competitive side in everyone came out.  It was tough trying not to spin around and to keep your balance at the same time. So much fun was had with wonderful work colleagues.
Oh, and we also had a non alcoholic, tasty slushie machine, I so wish someone had of slipped some vodka in there to see the interesting outcome!
Do you agree that it is wonderful to act and feel like a child some days?
To laugh, have fun and seem like there is not a worry in the world?


Bouncing :)

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