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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Spirit

This year was the first year, that we got to see the excitement of Christmas from little Coops. His cheery voice talking at a million miles an hour,  telling us that Santa was coming, was beautiful to hear.  The night before Christmas there was a magic electrical storm, Coops was telling us that it was Santa on his way.  A dog barked, Coops said that Santa had just been bitten by a dog - little kids imaginations are amazingly cute.
When Cooper saw all the presents on Christmas morning, he bounced up and down with excitement.  Each present was quickly ripped open, and the playing with new toys began.  As for Charlie, he had no idea what Christmas was all about.  He was just happy to have even more toys to play with - really just looked like a kid in a toy shop!
Christmas lunch was spent with my family at my sister Shelley's house.  Our family is seriously like rent a crowd, mum, dad, four daughters, four husbands and eleven grandkids! Now, that's a lot of noise (oh, and extreme excitement too!).  Dinner was spent with Will's family at his parents house, a much quieter evening with only his parents, sister and her husband and our nephew Jack.  We definitely went home with one full to the brim car of presents.
Living Christmas through the eyes of children, is a beautiful thing to watch. Their imaginations, innocence, laughter and sense of joy, makes that one day of the year, just a touch more special.

Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas with your loved one's

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  1. Oh what a lovely Christmas Buffy! Large families are great at this time of year, so nice to have lots of kidlets running around. Your photos are wonderful and looks like a top time was had.
    The volume of presents our boys received was ridiculous... and I know how you feel, as some of ours didn't even fit in the car... we had to leave them at the grandparents place to collect at a later date. We really need a new car... a big one! :o)