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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friendships, without them we would live in a lost world

Friends help friendsFriendships - what would we do without them?
Is your life fulfilled by having a lot of great friends around you, or just a few close knit one's that you know you can rely on for anything?
Are you the kind of person who enjoys eating chocolate cake on their own, or do you love having a friend beside you, spoon in hand, fighting you for the last crumb?
I feel blessed that I have a wide mix of wonderful friendships.  My Girls from my school days - the days when we played down ball, skill tester, went to Hypnosis and then graduated onto The Metro, Jooce, Star Bar, Barrel Bar etc etc  These are the friends that know my history, and even if I don't see them for months,  we can still laugh about the good old days and treasure our friendship over a champas or two.  My work friends, the one's who put up with me for 8 hours a day, three days per week - some think I am sweet and innocent, others know that I love a good drink and party - and even threw up into a wine bucket under the table in a restaurant (pure class!!) My beach friends, the one's who get to cherish the beautiful serenity of Peninsula living with me, friends of I have only known for a few years, but have taken me under their wing and accepted me.  These are friends who I am still really getting to know, and am so grateful for meeting at this stage in my life.  Ex work colleagues - these friends have had some wild partying days with me, board room drinks, karaoke times, downing shots, girls weekends - nothing is shielded from these friends. Again, I don't see them often enough, but the love is always there.
And then I have my general friends, the one's that don't belong to a school group, work group, beach group, they kind of fly solo, but have all impacted my life in some way.
Yesterday I had a talk from a colleague at work - "his life journey".  I love these people that can bring laughter to a room, uplift you with their witty sense of humour, engage you from the moment they open their mouth.  They motivate and mentor you, without even being aware of it.
One thing has stayed with me from his talk - and that is what people want from you in life.  Whether this be in your working day, family life or with your friends.  This was being "empowered" - being able to make a decision, being honest, being committed, basically knowing what you want or someone else wants and going for it.
Are you a friend who is honest to your friends and family?
Do you drop someone a text or email, just because?
Do you make decisions and run with them?
Are you true to yourself and those around you?

You don't have to inspire others to make a difference in this world, you just have to be a true friend, true and honest to yourself and those around you.

Go on, make a difference to someone's day - tell them you love them, send them a text - just "because".  Life is precious, too short to sweat the small stuff - live, laugh and love xx

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  1. So true Buffy, life is too short and I try to tell myself this every time I feel stress rising in me. Seriously, what is the point!?
    A very interesting post about friends. It's funny how we categorise our friends, but it's so true. They generally all came along at various stages of our life, so have therefore experienced different sides to us. I am blessed to have good friends from childhood, high school, my mother's group and work, who I catch up with regularly and who totally enrich my life. Sounds like you have much of the same also :o) xo