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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year, new beginnings

new years

Wow, it's the last day of 2011 - and as we always say, "How fast has this year gone?!"
Seriously, this year seems as though it has gone a lot faster than previous years.  But, how can it? We have the same amount of days and hours, minutes, seconds in each day.  Next year will go slower, we have an extra day, it's a leap year!!
This time of year is always a reflection time.  A time to appreciate and be grateful for all that we have.
The past year for us has been a tiring journey at times - that's what happens when you welcome a new family member into your lives.  And through his reflux, ear infections and other sicknesses, we have survived it.  When the chips are down, you just have to dig deep, rely on each other, take baby steps, remember to breathe - and in our lives, drink mighty fine tasting coffee!!
Our family has grown over the past year, not just with a new family member, but people's individuality has grown.  Cooper has grown into a confident, chatty, funny little guy (although, he still has his quiet moments where he just wants to hang out and play lego - like on Christmas day at his cousin's house). Charlie has become a real little person, from entering this world at a tiny 6 pound 10 (compared to his BIG brother who was a whopper at 9 pound 5 (OUCH!)), to now walking around the house with his wagon, wrestling his brother and having a very strong personality.  As for Will and I, we have just grown from strength to strength, constantly being a pillar for each other through those sleepless nights.
So, as I reflect, I am extremely grateful for the beautiful part of the world that we live in.  Seaside living suits are adventurous family.  Today we spent the morning at the park in Sorrento, wandered to the beach, had a coffee at our favourite cafe, then shopped at our tasty fruit shop.  Then headed home as things were heating up, and tourists were everywhere.  A lovely Summers day, and a perfect way to end 2011.
Now time to relax, reflect, restore ourselves so that we can celebrate the end of 2011 with our friends this afternoon.  Wine, food, lounging by the pool, reflecting on what has truly been a wonderful year.
I look forward to 2012 - there are going to be some big changes, holidays, lots of great laughs with family and friends.
Remember to always be there for your family and friends.  Share in the good times and tough times (hopefully not too many of them!).  Celebrate life, it really is too short.
Farewell 2011, you have been tough at times, but that's what life is all about.
Celebrate safely with your loved one's.
Do you have any exciting plans for tonight?

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  1. Couldn't agree more Buffy, this year has positively flown! Happy New Year and here's to a fab 2012 :o) xo